New Study: More Spending Improves Student Process.


new study of over 600 districts across the state of New York — the first of its kind to look at the recent effects of increased school spending in the state,found that, more spending improves student process. The researchers found that increased per-student spending led to higher math and reading scores on state tests.

Their research is the latest evidence linking increased school spending to positive outcomes for students, including graduation rateslifetime wages, and college attendance. State-level studies in CaliforniaMassachusetts, and Ohio have also found benefits of increased spending. On the flipside, Great Recession spending cuts appeared to have negative consequences on students.

Yet there are many elected officials including here in Maryland who disparage that money matters. They say that class size doesn’t matter. They ignore real world problems of staffing schools and teaching kids with widely varying needs.

The new study finds that indeed spending more does matter. When affluent parents spend large sums to send their children to a private school or to live in an expensive neighborhood, they are paying for small classes, well-maintained facilities, and a stable, experienced teaching staff.

We are unwilling to pay the price to provide similar resources to all children, even when we know that it matters.

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