Suit filed against the Board of Elections after questionable Election Count in an ongoing fiasco.

40529500_10217743373279795_338913524275216384_nOne of the write in candidates for November General Elections in the Prince George’s County who is running for the State Attorney position Mr. Bruce A. Johnson has filed a suit against the Board of Elections. According to his account which was posted on facebook, Over 600 of the signatures he garnered were excluded from his count not because they were not registered voters but because they did not include their middle initial in their signature, put the date of birth in the wrong spot or signed in the wrong space. According to the BOE, he was 465 signatures short of the required 6150.

“At the end of the day, these people wanted me on the ballot”, Mr. Bruce wrote on facebook. He added that, “I should be an option for voters in November and on the ballot (not a write in)”.


Mr. Bruce A. Johnson (Seen here) is determined to be on the ballot this November  against Ms. Aisha N. Braveboy who is the current Democratic nominee in the General elections.

Mr. Johnson who served for many years as attorney in the Prince George’s county state Attorney’s office will be running against Ms. Aisha N. Braveboy (D) in November.

On August 29th, 2018, Mr. Bruce wrote that: “There should be no hesitation to vote for me either:
I’m the only one who has served as prosecutor 
I’m the only one who has handled significant cases as a defense attorney
I’m the only one who has conducted training for police officers
I’m the only one that has handled appellate cases involving life sentences and got them overturned
I’m the only one who has dedicated their career to criminal law
I’m the only one who has experience in Federal courts
I’m the only who has trained new trial attorneys
I’m the only one who has tried cases in the military as a JAG officer
I’m the only one with trial experience in multiple states
I’m the only one who has gone through hours and hours of training to perfect the craft of being a trial lawyer

The three Democrats who vied  to replace Prince George’s State’s Attorney Angela D. Alsobrooks in the June 26th, had never worked as prosecutors and spend more time on the campaign trail talking about rehabilitation and diversion than they do punishment — which experts say represents a worrying but growing trend nationwide.

The candidates in the last June 26 primary in Prince George’s saw a defense attorney, a civil rights attorney and a lawyer who worked to divert youths from the criminal-justice system sort it out.

Former state delegate Aisha N. Braveboy — who won on June 26th Primary and led the race in terms of endorsements, including from all of the county’s major public safety unions — talks about her 15 years advising the Community Public Awareness Council, which delivers community-based sanctions that help keep youths out of the criminal-justice system.

Braveboy, who ran for state attorney general in 2014 but lost in the Democratic primary, also says she wants to create more diversion programs for low-level offenders. She vows to continue the office’s focus on prosecuting and preventing domestic violence in the county.

“The things that are national trends now, I’ve been working on for 15 years,” said Braveboy, who is on leave from her position as manager of government affairs at Children’s National Health System.

There have been allegations that,  “The only time anyone ever gets indicted in Prince George’s County is when the FBI comes in. The county has never taken action against racist Senate President Mike Miller, or criminal delegate Michael Vaughn, or thieving scoundrel Dereck Davis. What’s the point of having a state’s attorney who lets the crooks walk?,” stated Mr. Barry O’Connel. (See post below). 

Below is the post from Mr. Barry O’Connel and samples of comments so far based on the previous interaction online:




Prince George’s state’s attorney candidate Aisha N. Braveboy (D), shown in 2012, when she was serving in the Maryland General Assembly as a delegate from Prince George’s County. Once elected, Braveboy is expected to bring peace as well as go after the bad guys some who are within the democratic party system (Mark Gail/THE WASHINGTON POST)

On August 23, Bruce A. Johnson Jr wrote that, “Here is an advertisement for a job opening at the State’s Attorney Office. The Office acknowledges the importance of experience and indeed it is looking for candidates that have it, but the establishment promotes a candidate with none (Aisha Braveboy) to run the office.”



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