Major ploy at PGCPS Sasscer as Acting CEO Eliminates positions


As part of changes within Prince George’s county public schools (PGCPS), Monica Goldson who is the current acting CEO appears to have hit the ground running by eliminating several positions to reduce the number of employees at Sasscer. PGCPS is known to be top heavy and has over the years facilited employment for friends and families of politically connected individuals.

In an email send to the entire staff, Ms. Monica Goldson stated that, she had eliminated two Deputy Superintendent positions and created three positions that will allow for stronger oversight and delivery of instruction, she wrote among other issues. The current reorganization is expected to see at least $1million in savings. (see below).

Corruption over the years in PGCPS has been a major detrimental factor and is currently the center of the fiasco affecting the County schools.

In a long discussion seen online by Reform Sasscer Movement, many teachers and staff  stated, they had no trust to anyone that had ties to Baker or Eubanks. “Anyone hired by Baker is not going to be good. Don’t be fooled. As a CEO she still reports to Baker and the guy who wanted to fight Burroughs. This is why we a divided now. Some support her already and she did nothing to support what we want as teachers. I will not believe until past pay raises and steps are given to the teachers. I’m still trying to see the pay hike from July on my check. Don’t trust her at all,” One employee stated on Facebook.

more to come



Monica Goldson has eliminated several positions at Sasscer


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