Ex-PGCPS basketball coach who secretly recorded children is sentenced to 35 years


 former substitute teacher and elementary school basketball coach Christopher Speights

A former substitute teacher and elementary school basketball coach Christopher Speights has been sentenced by a federal judge to 35 years in prison for producing child pornography.

In a plea agreement, Mr. Speights, 35, of Capitol Heights admitted to filming himself sexually exploiting boys and secretly filming boys while on basketball trips. He said he later blackmailed the boys to get them more photos.

He also admitted posing as a teenage girl online to solicit boys and girls to send him sexually explicit images of themselves.

Speights served as a substitute teacher and basketball coach at Bradbury Heights Elementary and coach of a traveling basketball team, the South County Steelers.

In December 2016, police said they received a cyber tip from Dropbox that a user allegedly possessed child pornography. An investigation later revealed that Speights was the owner of the account, according to the Prince George’s State’s Attorney’s Office.

Speights still faces related charges in Prince George’s County and Worcester County on related charges.

Prince George’s County Public Schools have been a magnet for all sorts of personnel due to poor leadership and overwhelming  corruption which is ongoing.



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