Shock as BOE Chair’s Son Jibran Eubanks threatens Board member David Murray


Jibran Eubanks (pictured here) is the son of PGCPS embattled BOE Chairman Dr. Segun Eubanks. Both the son and the father are in hot water for shaking down two elected officials. One physicall

Saturday July 14th, 2018: Appointed Prince George’s county Public Schools (PGCPS) Board of Education (BOE) Chairman Dr. Segun Eubanks son Jibran Eubanks made a subtle threat to Elected Board member David Murray online. The threat came shortly after he (PGCPS BOE Chair Segun Eubanks) assaulted another Elected Board Member, Edward P. Burroughs III at PGCPS Headquarters at Sasscer.

In an online posting seen by Reform Sasscer, Jibran Eubanks called PGCPS Board Member David Murray “a dumpmother fucker” and added “hope to see you real soon at Diet starts Monday again real soon.” Mr. Murray responded by asking Mr. Jibran Eubanks if he was making a threat and the young Eubanks responded of course not. Ealier, Jibran Eubanks‘ father (Segun Eubanks) had assaulted Board member Edward Burroughs during a board meeting at Sasscer which is now subject to a court proceedings next week.

Judge for Yourself-
Below is an exchange between PGCPS Board Member David Murray and Jibran Eubanks, son of Segun Eubanks, on Edward’s post about the alleged threats of violence and physical assault he endured at the hands of Segun Eubanks. Jibran was responding to David’s earlier comment that Segun was the brother in law to County Executive Rushern Baker. Segun is the former brother in law to County Executive Rushern Baker.




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  1. Yes it was a threat and David should also file charges! In-laws don’t becomes ex-laws when the parties divorced. That would mean, the nieces lose their aunts and uncles as well? No, he is still loyal to his family and the stealing must stop!


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