PGCPS Teacher thoroughly beaten up by a Principal finally speaks out.

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 2.43.48 PM

Lawyers for a Prince George’s County teacher involved in an altercation with a principal at Ardmore Elementary are speaking about the incident. MORE:

The teacher shown above wearing a black jacket to the left is not alone. There are many others who have experienced such bullying/harassment including within Information Technology Department (IT Help Desk). The County needs to do better job at holding folks accountable for their actions.

The courts in Maryland are increasingly being used to cover up for the administration when violations like these occur in the county.  In addition, Association of Supervisory and Administrative School Personnel (ASASP) is not transparent and President Dwayne Jones himself a Principal at Laurel High School is involved in questionable activity. ASASP is like a fox guarding the henhouse. Rules needs to change, if you are ASASP president, one should resign the Principal position until their time is over as ASASP President.

Below is the press conference.

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  3. PGCPS has quite a few powerstruck, corrupt, unethical principals who are bullying their staff! One key indication is when their school doesn’t have an operating FAC. Oh! They’ll have names on paper, but the teachers don’t meet! Ever! Why? The school is totally dominated by the principal (who uses pen and paper to put staff in their place … which makes teachers afraid of their professional reputation being ruined). Then the chair is nornally a pet teacher or someone with multiple assignments who can’t handle the duties of the position. However, when teachers stand up to the corrupt leadership in PGCPS, they get a bad reputation and accused of being the problem. I’ve seen AND experienced it. I even personally knkw the teacher in this article and she is a very kind woman who wouldn’t hurt a fly! It’s disgusting.


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