Maryland Democrats in enchanted territories as Old leadership is rejected after a Major Civil war! Oh Lord.


Former NAACP President Ben Jealous

Former NAACP president Ben Jealous won the Democratic nomination for Maryland governor on Tuesday, handing progressives a big win in a contest that offered two competing visions for how the party should run this fall and transform Maryland for the better.

With the vast majority of the ballots counted, Jealous led his main rival, our own Prince George’s County executive Rushern Baker III, by roughly 10 percentage points—40 percent to 30 percent, in a crowded field. Baker who misled a vast majority of his constitute in order to win the nomination has been left with an egg to his face after several major scandals erupted in Prince George’s County during the nomination process.

If he can win again in November, Jealous would become the state’s first black governor. But history won’t come easy. Gov. Larry Hogan is widely popular in the state with both Republicans and Democrats, and he will enter the general election as the odds-on favorite. A Washington Post poll earlier this month found Hogan with a 12-percentage-point lead in a hypothetical matchup against the Democrat.

State Delegate and Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Joseph F. Vallario, Jr is out of a job. Corruption within the Maryland court system has been off the hook under his leadership.

While the nomination of Ben Jealous is a watershed moment in Maryland Democratic Party history, another major  monumental shift occurred in the General Assembly and in Prince George’s County Council. Former convicted Robber and sexual predator Calvin Hawkins was elected to the council. (more on this story later).

While Senate President Mike Miller easily dispatched his overhyped challenger (Rushern Baker III), the following legislative leaders are out of a job following Tuesday’s primary:

  • Nathaniel McFadden, President Pro Tem of the State Senate
  • Joan Carter Conway, Education, Health & Environmental Affairs Committee Chair
  • Thomas “Mac” Middleton, Finance Committee Chair
  • Joe Vallario, Judiciary Committee Chair
  • Rushern Baker III, Prince Georges County Executive

Combine that with Budget & Taxation Chair Edward Kasemeyer (retirement), Budget & Taxation Vice-Chair Rich Madaleno (failed campaign for Governor), Finance Committee Chair John Astle (retirement), and Rules Committee Vice-Chair Ed Degrange, Delegate Carolyn J.B. Howard – Maryland Deputy Speaker Pro Tem (retirement), that’s eight of twelve Senate Democratic Committee leadership posts and parts of general assembly that need to be replaced.

This is an amazing set of losses for the Annapolis Democratic establishment. The three Senators who lost, as well as Vallario and delegate Howard who retired after a scandal, were career politicians who ran their committees and the chamber with iron fists. Vallario, in particular, was infamous for his bills that protected criminals and threw roadblocks in the way of common sense bills like Jessica’s Law. The Maryland judiciary is also tied to a lot of public corruption which continues to go on despite rules to protect the public from scams.

The Democratic temper tantrum that manifested itself with Rushern Baker after he run a disastrous campaign affected these races too. And that is what will make our legislative races even more important this year. These Democrats who lost their primaries yesterday are what some (not us) would consider “moderate” Democrats. Sure, they were notably left-wing when compared to the beliefs of the common man or woman, but they were establishment Democratic politicians who followed in lockstop with what legislative leadership wanted. But at some level, they understand what it means when it is said that Maryland has a “middle temperament” and their positions were not as radicalized as their counterparts.

This new group? We will wait to see what happens next. However, the democratic party in Maryland is in major water due to many scandals fueled by left wing.  They’ll try to move the General Assembly even further to the left than it already is without a doubt.

Their replacements in those leadership positions are not going to be nearly as “moderate” as these folks. They are going to be replaced with the type of left-wing, socialist sympathizers that would love nothing more than to shepherd the radical  agenda for the Democratic speaker and Senate President through the General Assembly.

The good news in all of this is that, Senator Muse and former congress woman Donna Edwards will stay involved in the process and help shepard the many resources the county has to offer.

The Democrats are clearly in enchanted territories as their legislative leadership prepares to test the new waters after many years. This, might make the perfect case for Governor Hogan’s re-election and the election of a more conservative General Assembly. However, it might also play the other way around if Governor Hogan fails to resolve outstanding issues in Prince George’s County before November 2018. Many of the problems in Prince George’s County started when Governor Hogan was already running the state. Those issues involve problems in Baltimore City. If Governor Hogan can handle these issues well, it will confirm a widely shared belief in this blog that,  Democratic party machine in Maryland is set for major losses in November 2018 after coverups.

However, If Ben Jealous presents his agenda carefully with much thought to the people on how to fight public corruption and help fix schools, He will beat Governor Hogan hands down in November.  After all, Maryland is a blue state with more Democrats than Republicans.

More to come.

Rushern Baker III seen here is in major trouble after he failed terribly to clinch the Governorship nomination by the Maryland democratic party. He is set to retire permanently from politics and settle in Cheverly as he guides his two daughters to find husbands and care for his wife. His son Rushern just recent got married.


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