PGCPS Union President Busted – Got 61 Percent Raise, Audit Says – She must resign!


Beleaguered PGCPS Union President Theresa Mitchell Dudley must resign ASAP after receiving 61% raise.

The Prince George’s County Public Schools teachers union criticized pay raises that schools CEO Kevin Maxwell gave out. However, an audit obtained by News4 says the president of the union got a 61 percent raise herself, from $75,094 to $120,930.

According to Union members familiar with the situation, there has been a lot of meetings that have been called outside the Union rules and by laws permit. That, there are many members who are dissatisfied with the way the Prince George’s County Educator Association (PGCEA) union is being run. Many Union members feel as though there is a lot of inter-county politics and a culture of “pay for play” within the union led by beleaguered leader Theresa Dudley and connected to government officials, politicians, and those seeking offices. In a time of fiscal crisis, Maryland Union members and especially in Prince George’s County cannot afford these patronage programs.

On February 10th, 2018, we published a blog post  to highlight an ongoing scheme involving the PGCEA Union, “A Plan to Make PGCEA a quasi-judicial body must be resisted by members and the public at large.” Since posting the information, a lot has happened to shield the members of the union and the public at large from understanding the truth due to illegal cover ups.

On March 29th, 2018 a post by Theresa Dudley caused Senator Anthony Muse to argue that members of PGCEA should stay involved due to wide ranging corruption in Annapolis because of cover ups. The post stated in part the following…

…..“I am puzzled that not many are putting pressure on Delegate Jay Walker and Delegates for allowing the My bill on returning us to an elected school board and the other put a lockbox on the casino funds, thus making the money go ONLY to education DIE. Mike Miller has ordered that they Die without a vote. How can this be. I need help in getting these bills out but I am not hearing much against them.”  – Anthony Muse

In a series of emails, the current Education Chairman for Prince George’s County Education Subcommittee Delegation Mr. Darryl Barnes has demonstrated lack of commitment to the fight against corruption in the county due to his conflicts of interests. This blog has encouraged members of the public not to reelect him and his close friends who are working to derail justice in the Maryland legislature.

Despite these reservations, Theresa Dudley through Prince George’s County Educators’ Association (PGCEA) has endorsed these questionable delegates led by Delegate Mr. Darryl Barnes and Delegate Dereck Davis who have acted to suppress the voice of the people in Annapolis by failing to advance the cause of justice, among other issues, as follows:

  1. Failing to schedule hearings or giving a very limited time of less than 10 minutes for hearings in an effort to limit public participation due to conflicts of interests in Prince George’s County.   (see a series of emails from Delegate Barnes creating a pattern of cover up)
  2. Accepting endorsement of Maryland State Education Association (MSEA) in a classic case of  quid pro quo to keep every illegal activity under the table in Prince George’s County while keeping several illegal activities such as money laundering and other illicit activities under wraps. PGCEA reports to MSEA and is currently involved in major litigation over violations of employees grievances and MSEA has been sued.
  3. Promoting candidates with a criminal past including embezzlement, robbery and sexual harassment. (See Here) (here)
  4. Cover up of criminal activity involving Association of Supervisory & Administrative School Personnel (ASASP) union due to an ongoing scandalous affair at Laurel High School. When the issue was first raised in Upper Marlboro, the transcriber failed to record and tampered with transcripts in order to cover up violations involving Mr. Dwayne Jones who is the ASASP Union President. The company BDR has never answered anything in Court due to a wide ranging scheme involving elected officials in Prince George’s County.
  5. Duping the public to stay in power. Recent events have revealed that, Delegate Darryl Barnes acquired a fake PHD which he bought under the table in New York for the sake of duping the public. Mr. Barnes has never responded to the breaking story.
  6. Promoting a culture of cover ups to advance illegal activity.  In order to help these questionable delegates (Mr. Darryl Barnes and Dereck Davis) get reelected, beleaguered PGCPS Union President Theresa Mitchell Dudley has continued to provide them a platform including providing space at the PGCEA Headquarters to advance their illegal activity.
  7. Using union members dues like a toilet paper to advance personal interest.  Look at her proposed expenses (See below). A close look shows that the increase in dues go to her proposed expenses.  This was adopted without a quorum too and goes against rules and bylaws of the Association.
  8. Abandoning duties of Union President to run for another public office in Prince George’s County hence creating a conflict of interest with the group she is supposed to monitor. On February 27th, 2018, on facebook, Ms. Theresa Dudley declared the following…..”I filed yesterday to continue to serve on Prince George’s Democratic Central Committee representing the 47th District. Thank you for the past support. The position is volunteer. It is important that we move forth as a party with a clear platform of issues that will be reflective of the needs of the people-education, safety, and adequate public facilities.” 

Corruption erodes trust in public institutions and in democracy, it undermines our internal market, it hampers foreign investment, it costs tax payers millions, and in many cases it helps organized crime groups do their dirty work. As everyone can see here in Prince George’s County Board of Education,  people without a sound education are like society without a sense of direction.

Corruption is estimated to costs Member States no less than 120 billion dollars each year.

Every dollar that a corrupt official or a corrupt business person puts in their pocket is a dollar stolen from a pregnant woman who needs health care; or from a girl or a boy who deserves an education; or from communities that need water, roads, and schools. Every dollar is critical if we are to reach our goals to end extreme poverty by 2030 and to boost shared prosperity.

Let’s not mince words: In all countries of the world, corruption is public enemy number one. We should never tolerate corruption, and we all should pledge to do all in our power to build upon our strong fight against it.

How do we build institutions with greater integrity so we can help more people lead better lives?  We believe there are three important elements in our approach: First, we need to improve the way we share and apply knowledge about building institutions with greater integrity; second, we need to empower citizens with information and tools to make their governments more effective and accountable; and third, we need to build a global movement to prevail over corruption.

Needless to say, it will take more than one report to root out corruption. But as Maryland is finding its way out of the economic crisis, we cannot afford to drag our feet. PGCPS needs to completely clean house of the administration, HR, Accounting, etc.  In the past, HR did not comply to contracts, employment law and their own rules and policies.  Employees reading the newspaper and novels at their desks.  They pass you to department to department because no one wants to work.  No accountability and transparency.  But then again, most of the Superintendents have been way below par too.

Long story short, for the past 25+ years, PGCPS admin, HR, accounting, etc. have been a joke.  Hopefully after Maxwell leaves, PGCPS can find a way to review and replace at least 90%+ of the admin, HR, accounting, etc. staff at Sasscer and others covered up by others.

PGCEA members, ACE-AFSCME Local 2250 and ASASP should raise up and demand that Delegate Barnes, Delegate Dereck E. Davis and others involved in the cover ups in Annapolis should not be endorsed by MSEA or any other union in PGCPS because they promote a culture of corruption. Theresa Dudley, as President of PGCEA, should resign now that, she has failed to distance herself from endorsing these questionable delegates who have hurt the community and the union members. The PG County NAACP Chapter must follow suit and denounce corrupt activities currently prevailing in the Prince George’s County. There should be no pretense that all is well when the truth is, it is not.  Continuation of corrupt administration practices can only lead to the degradation of our school system and quality of education for our students and community many years into the future.

It is time!

More to come.


Mr. Darryl Barnes and Dereck Davis are pictured here bribing teachers with free food at PGCEA Headquarters. Despite reservations, Theresa Dudley through Prince George’s County Educators’ Association (PGCEA) has endorsed these questionable delegates led by Delegate Mr. Darryl Barnes and Delegate Dereck Davis who have acted to suppress the voice of the people in Annapolis by failing to advance the cause of justice, among other things,




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