Student prepares to sue after being banned from graduation over PGCPS mistake

6239E17D-49F2-4836-8949-79A8A2316AAAPRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY, Md. – One of three students banned from graduation because of a counselor’s oversight, has now retained a lawyer and is gearing up to sue the Prince George’s County school district.

Isiah Strattonbey should have graduated from Potomac High School on Wednesday, but instead he was at home. He wasn’t allowed to walk with his classmates. It was all because a guidance counselor did not sign him up for the proper coursework, so he didn’t meet state graduation requirements.

“We believe this is absolutely a breach of the public trust, that they let him down,” said Gabriel Christian, lawyer at Gabriel J. Christian & Associates, LLC.

Strattonbey’s family said they are hoping for two outcomes:

  1. An undisclosed amount money for the emotional damage this has caused.
  2. Action from Prince George’s County Public Schools to ensure all guidance counselors are properly trained.

“We will work hard to make sure no one else in the county has to suffer the way this young man has suffered,” said Christian.

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In order to receive his diploma, Strattonbey will have to complete summer classes.

According to PGCPS spokesman John White, the school district “regrets the mistake and will support the student and cover the expense of his summer course as he completes the requirements to earn a high school diploma.”



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