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Major Misconduct dominate primary elections in Maryland – As Prince George’s County becomes Epicenter for Fraudulent Activity.

36362527_10214444465378528_4181613453972078592_nIn one of the most fraudulent election in the history of Prince George’s County and Maryland, the primary election on June 26th, saw a sexual predator and a convicted robber get elected to public office in an organized scheme involving “official ballot sample papers”.

Calvin Hawkins who was widely mentioned appears to have been part of the illegal activity which saw the community duped in order to have him and his close associates elected for public offices in Maryland.

Thousands of voters in many parts of the state of Maryland received “official democratic sample ballots” or voting materials which swayed and duped the voters to elect wrong candidates in public offices throughout the state.

In Prince George’s County for example, “thousands of residents received “Official Democratic Sample Ballots” in their mailboxes multiple times during a DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY, which created voter confusion. Many voters were tricked into believing the certain candidates were no longer Democrats, no longer running, or running for different positions. This practice was created to confuse voters into believing that certain candidates were supported by the Democratic party when all candidates are Democrats in a Democratic Primary,” according to a petition created by Attorney Wala Blegay.

“The party should not be involved in purposely confusing Democratic voters. It is time for this practice to end.” “Sign this petition to ensure that we protect our community from misleading information,” the petition concludes.

The misleading and incorrect pamphlets listed a number of candidates on the ballots which misled the public in many cases stating they were the “correct endorsement by democratic party”. As a result of this deliberate illegal activity, the Prince George’s County elected the wrong candidates for public office in many places including a convicted robber. One citizen in Greenbelt Maryland who did not want to be identified stated that, “If Prince George’s County voters used the erroneous sample ballots to cast their vote, they may have inadvertently voted for the wrong candidates.

The sample ballots, pamphlets or booklets that listed each candidate’s name and the corresponding position to fill in on the actual ballot, were mailed to thousands of voters ahead of the June 26th, election. It’s not clear how many of them were affected but it’s believed to be statewide.  “We’re reaching out to the people who may have been affected,” several candidates stated on facebook.

As a result of this official misconduct involving elected officials, reaction has been swift on social media with candidates who lost unfairly calling for reforms within the Maryland democratic party.

Below are some of the reactions as posted on facebook and twitter:


Tommi Makila for Maryland Senate did much better than people thought, if it was not for the misleading “official democratic sample ballots” It’s possible He might have won.

According to information received Mr. Tommi Makila for Maryland Senate, He states: “Prince George’s Democrats: As we go to war on these “official sample ballots,” I would like to collect copies of the ballots from all Prince George’s County legislative districts. I’m primarily interested in these “Official Democratic Sample Ballots” that the establishment used; to my knowledge they all used the same design and layout, as seen in this District 27 version of the ballot. Since we are not far from the election, I’m hoping many of you still have a copy of the sample ballot your received. If so, please take a picture of both sides of the ballot. You can then post the pictures in a comment on this thread, send them to me via private message on FB, or email to (As of now I only have the District 27 ballot, so please send pics from all other Prince George’s districts.)”

Mandy Dojoh: Who did this?”

Tommi Makila for Maryland Senate: You can see the authority lines in the top picture, so officially those are the entities/candidates behind this. This is standard practice in Prince George’s County for the incumbents/establishment to do. That is how they are able to dictate who gets elected to what office. Typically the State Senator (in my case Mike Miller) decides who gets on the ballot.”


Wala Blegay had the highest number of endorsements probably in the entire District 25. Due to fraudulent activity  involving her rivals, her candidacy may have been greatly affected as result. She has started a petition calling on democratic party to fix the issue.

According to Wala Blegay: It time that we address the misleading “Official Democratic Ballot” in Prince George’s County that was purposely design to trick voters. It is shameful that every major candidate including long-standing elected officials were involved in creating a document to purposely trick voters into assuming that certain candidates were “chosen” by the Democratic party.

We cannot let this continue. I watched countless voters reach out to me in confusion as why certain candidates including myself was not on the Democratic Ballot. I even witnessed poll workers for candidates instruct people that this was an Official Democratic Ballot.

Kathleen Matthews we ask for you to investigate and ensure that rules are implemented to avoid this confusion or purposeful intent to trick voters.

All Democratic Central Committee members should be focused on addressing this issue instead of turning a blind eye.”

Arthur Jackson You Are NextGenDems not by age but by desire in a fair and just county where our Schools Educate,Small Business Owners of Color are involved in Major Economic Devrlopment Projects, and a County where the political playing field is even.”

Kent A. Roberson: Wala Blegay talkn right! If you can only win by tricks and not doing any work in the community, then you didn’t win at all. They elected the WRONG ONE, BUT THEY GOT THE RIGHT ONE!!! #NewLeadership #NewSeason”

Sarahia Benn Wala Blegay: “the same thing was implemented against me. Worse Kathleen Mathews they utilized the central committee to advocate against me, paid volunteers to say the candidates highlighted were black when all the candidates weren’t, and said this was an official Democratic Party ballot, and a long list of infractions and personal attacks. This is why no one trusts the party in Harford County. We have 25k dem registered voters and not even 28% participate because they believe the entire system is rigged! I am still the people’s champ! My supporters and the people in general are beyond upset! They are wondering why you Kathleen Matthews are supporting establishment candidates and stat quo loser candidates that engage in such immoral, divisive, and disgusting tactics and behaviors. And you all wonder why no one supports the party?”

Collin J. Foster: As a St. Mary’s County Democratic Central Committee Member-Elect, you have my pledge to make sure this NEVER happens again.”

Wesyna Davis: Here is the “Sample Ballot” is what they told voters at different precincts in Harford County District 34A!!!!! Steve Johnson’s daughter was even passing them out and telling voters it was a sample ballot!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡”

Gus Griffin: This sort of tactic is the nationwide norm of both major political parties which for me is just more validation that we should expand the work of building independent political power.”…/secretly_taped…

Sarahia Benn: Wala Blegay what trips me out is these stat quo candidates did all this stuff, spent 100k or more and all I had was my postcard, my message, and my word to the people! #MovingMountains just like you!”

Eddie L. Pounds: I hear you Wala, but perhaps a different approach should be considered that involves educating the public about sample ballots. Central Committees should take the lead in that effort because this practice will not end. I never understood why anyone would waste resources producing them. It’s a complete waste. Contrary to popular belief, the majority of voters actually research the candidates and know who they are voting for before they cast their votes. Perhaps all candidate should agree to change the header of these leaflets to just reflect that these are their preferred running mates?? By the way, I thought you ran a solid campaign.”

Wala Blegay: I have actually witnessed the confusion from many as a received phone call asking why I was no longer with the Democratic Party and this is from community leaders. We cannot trust those benefiting from it to just agree. It must be banned. People have and cna win elections without them”

Eddie L. Pounds: Wala Blegay I hear you. You better not disappear. You have proven that you’re fit for public office”

Mel Spruill: Eddie L. Pounds not sure if I agree with you! Have been working polls and canvassing for a long time and from my experience most of the voters are not aware of the sample ballot trick. If you live in Bowie that may be a reality… Btw, I do think it’s a great idea to start a voter’s education movement but, we still need some type of rules to even the playing field….”

Eddie L. Pounds: Mel Spruill I’m not the expert here but I understand election laws. I’ll still standby my suggestion that the Central Committee or Dem Clubs should play a role in educating the public and keeping citizens engaged.”

Wala Blegay: John E. Richardson it is still deceptive no matter whether my name is on it or not”

Ladel Lewis: Joseph Tolbert III many are. No disrespect, but the winner of 26th at large was PURELY an establishment pick. You can’t even google her name and find info let alone seen her in the street. But yet, she took 50% of The votes. I’m not sure if they are brave enough to bite the hand that got them elected by questioning their practices. Hence, that’s why they were selected.”

Jamila Woods: I’ve tried to decide whether or not to chime in. I wrote concerns about these “fake” official ballots previously. Not much response then.

Having served on the Central Committee, it should be noted that we put out the ballot in November.

Next, take note of all the staff members of current elected officials who are suddenly running for the Central Committee. This is another calculated effort to assure that elected officials are controlling the playing field; particularly when it comes to presenting someone to the Governor to replace a candidate. I know of Central Committee members who believe it is their duty to follow the instructions of their Senator regarding a candidate; even if they disagree. Qualified candidates don’t have a chance if Central Committee members just do what their Senator (in most instances) instructs, and the validity of the Central Committee becomes null and void.”

Wala Blegay: I understand that banning sample ballots creates some constitutional issues but The ballots should include a disclaimer. “This ballot is not an endorsement of the Democratic Party”

Erica Watson Staples: Cheri A. Tyner Wow. If they do this publicly imagine what they’ll do behind closed doors in Annapolis.”

Toyin Fasakin: I totally agree with you. It is deemed a voter manipulation. We know some who won would never support a legislation to ban it but a referendum may be the best option. We need all hands on deck to fight it by starting a PETITION. We are supposed to play fairly and serve the people with integrity but I know politics is a dirty game, sometimes. It is time to get this ugly practice banned once and for all.”

LaTasha Renee Ward: We need the Democratic Central committee for Prince George’s county to take a stand with an open and public hearing on when the official Democratic ballot is issued.”

Erin Brown: I concur! I was appalled when I found that in my door. How in the world can we simultaneously say that we want to educate the electorate but then DUPE them into thinking there is any such thing as an “official Democratic ballot” during a PRIMARY! I don’t like the fact that anyone can play mind games with people in my community.”

Keisha Trotter Nelson: 100% agree the things that I witnessed were extremely embarrassing and shameful. We must do better. Our country deserves better and so do the voters.”

Tommi Makila: There are a couple of fundamental and in my view very serious problems that result from these ballots. First, the end result is that in many cases an inferior candidate ends up winning a race over a better candidate (better as in qualifications, integrity, campaign effort, etc.). And when you have these inferior candidates in office, the quality of our political decision making suffers and we often end up with a public official who is an embarrassment to the community. The second problem is that these sample ballots are the primary foundation that our Democratic political machine is built on. Especially in Prince George’s County most of our new elected officials owe their election to these sample ballots and those incumbent politicians/party bosses who placed them on these ballots. As a result, even well-meaning new elected officials easily become co-opted by the political machine and they end up working more for the people who helped them get elected rather than the voters.”

Michelle Wright:Thank you Wala for leading the charge. Those ballots are truly designed with the intent of deception. Shame on all of you who participate and live life with no integrity and seek the sheer benefit of trickery. You are all benefactors of those that have been identified as folks that can be used. How can and do you feel a victor and proud of yourselves tricking the community. Shame on you! This practice has to stop.”

Daren Hester: I so agree with you Wala. Those fake official ballot were left inside polling locations and in voting booths. My wife saw one in a booth and showed it to an Election Official. Prince George’s County needs campaign reform and I will make sure this happens.”

Amber Waller: I agree with Wala. After being a candidate and exercising firsthand discrimination because of fake ballots, they should be banned.Now after working the polls for a candidate and seeing and hearing the confusion and people using fake ballots to educate themselves when they go inside to vote….A change has to come!!!!!”

Monica Colclough-Roebuck: The sample ballot confuses the voter and manipulates them to think certain candidates are chosen. This pay to play system of politics needs to stop. Voters have got to raise their awareness about who is running and what they are about. Don’t rely on signs or literature being sent home. Our community will continue to be duped until they wake up. The information is out there..we have to empower ourselves and make the best choices for ourselves not because of persuasion or manipulation.”

Donna Goodman: Absolutely Wala!! Even more fustrating, is the belief that “someone” did research on the candidates and found them to be the best selected to represent us! NOT TRUE PEOPLE!!

If this is not a deceptive means, to deliberately steering the election, I don’t know what is. Have you noticed there is NO FAKE BALLOT for Republicans candidates?? Why, the Democratic Establishment spends millions of their donor funds to mass produce this propaganda! Make no mistake about it, the fake ballots have served them well. They actually get the majority of their selected candidates elected. They operate on the notion, we do not read, we will always vote the partyline no matter how horrible they are, Mike Miller fees he can control us better, and if he just tell us what to do, we will do it!

Please wake up people. We can Never get our county headed in the right direction if we keep ourselves beholding to the same establishment that does Nothing for our community! Alsobrooks, Davis, Barnes, Benson All Brought and Paid for by Mike Miller. Why vote for those who have not made changes, especially when they are the only ones benefiting? Why aren’t we able to hear from them until elections? Where was Mike Miller when our children were being abused and molested, Where was Miller when Rushern L. Baker was continuing to back Maxwell as he lied through his teeth on teachers, principals and others? Where was Mike Miller when whistleblowers were fired for reporting the child abuse and molestation on buses and in schools; when procurement fraud, illegal contract awards and sole sourcing of competitive work was taking place? Where would the Dept. Directors, Board Members, Purchasing Director, COO, CEO and General Counsel be today, if Mr Miller gave a darn! Why wasn’t Mike Miller interested in the MBEs that are being illeglly extorted for money or services by Dept Directors, Executives and general counsel? It seems when grade and attendance changes took place and as our children were being pushed out of PGCPS Mr Miller was unavailable? Finally, is anyone able to explain why reporting the crimes and presenting evidence to Baker, Alsobrooks, Benson, Peters and speaking in Annapolis, presented with crickets? Heck No they must go!”


Activist Richard DeShay Elliott

According to activist Richard DeShay Elliott: Kathleen Matthews, these “sample ballots” are unethical, to say the least. Commit the Maryland Democratic Party to stop the usage of these. Mailing these and distributing them at the polls is voter suppression and interrupts accountable democracy.

Calling these “Official Democratic Party Sample Ballots” is extremely misleading and has been used for a long time to reinforce corruption and machine politics in PG County, Baltimore, and other parts of Maryland.”…/no-more-official-democratic…

Carmen Skarlupka: I refuse to vote for any Democrat that sent these out and the candidates that condone them.”

Richard DeShay Elliott Brooks Schandelmeier: Note that these are not excuses for using misleading voter information. We can support Dems while saying no to unethical, misleading, and undemocratic tactics (as we should, must, and will)”

Sarahia Benn: Richard DeShay Elliott the same thing was implemented against me but Worse Kathleen Mathews they utilized the local dem. central committee to advocate against me, paid volunteers to say the candidates highlighted were black in POC areas when all the candidates weren’t, and said this was an official Democratic Party ballot, and a long list of infractions and personal attacks in addition. This is why no one trusts the party in Harford County. We have 25k dem registered voters and not even 28% participate because they believe the entire system is rigged! I am still the people’s champ! My supporters and the people in general are beyond upset! They are wondering why, Kathleen Matthews are supporting establishment candidates and stat quo loser candidates that engage in such immoral, divisive, and disgusting tactics and behaviors. And folks wonder why no one supports the party? Or can’t support it any further? #WheresTomPerezAt”

Lindsey Price Walker: As an organizer with The Maryland Democratic Party, I can assure you that we did not pay for this. All of our literature will explicitly say “Paid for by the Maryland Democratic Party”.

Richard DeShay Elliott: Not accusing the MDP of paying for it, but instead because action hasn’t been taken against these when they should be illegal.”

Lindsey Price Walker: I will definitely speak to Kathleen and Stephanie about this. I understand where you’re coming from Richard.”

Richard DeShay Elliott: Lindsey Price Walker I appreciate it. Don’t take it as me blaming the Maryland Democratic Party, but wanting accountability on the ballots and at the polling stations.

My polling place (Bowie City Gym) didn’t have the grey sample ballot that is mailed to each registered voter, but there were multiple people giving away these fake sample ballots outside.”

Alan Hyman: The MD dems didnt pay for them.”

Richard DeShay Elliott: “You can see that candidates paid for them, but the MDP has a responsibility to repudiate them. They’re misleading and unethical”

Richard DeShay Elliott: No. “Official Democratic Party Sample Ballot” is deliberately chosen to mislead voters.

If they wanted to call this the D24 Slate, that’s fine. Faking that people have the party endorsement is unethical and misleading.”

Emily Cooke: I saw a picture of one that had Colvin’s name checked off and said Official Democratic Party sample ballot. That could have been part of what happened to Allison”

Hal Ginsberg: My inclination is to vote against all candidates selected in “Official Democratic” ballots.”

Patricia Lippold: “Even though we supported many of these candidates, these sample ballot slate cards should not be permitted in primaries. It is deceitful and dishonest. Same as using organizational logos on slate pieces that include candidates we do not endorse.”

David Hiles: Election law changes are probably needed to fix this. Join your local Our Revolution chapter and push for an agenda for state and county party reform. Beware of people who say we’ll talk about this after November.”

Jeff Clark: We need the State and all county central committees to come up with guidance for the 2020 primary while it is fresh and folks still have the problem sheets … and there were some good ones that did not call it an official ballot and referenced the “Democratic team” rather than the “party”. For the General, they’ll put out sample ballots and maybe “official’ would be appropriate, if it includes all candidates (NOT dim the R selections too much that they cannot be read). But not make selections for non-partisan positions such as school board. 

And, maybe some legislation can be introduced.”

Edward Johnson: Richard DeShay Elliott, Shelia Ruth and Cecilia Plante and I had a conversation in TWW Balto Area on this issue. We agreed we need a two prong approach. The Central Committees should issue a statement condemning this type of campaigning. This will make it easier to get legislation passed in the next Session of the legislature. The Maryland Legislative Coalition will propose banning this type of campaigning as one of their first pieces of original legislation.”



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Prince George’s County Liquor Board Scandal: Who knew what and when?


By: Lindsay Watts

 – It’s the biggest corruption scandal to hit Prince George’s County in years. Federal investigators call it Operation Dry Saloon, and it centers on bribery, corruption and liquor. So far, eight people have been convicted, including two former Maryland state delegates.

A whistleblower tells FOX 5 that he came forward years ago with evidence the man at the center of the scandal, David Son, was engaged in illegal activity. He says inaction at the highest levels of the state allowed Son to continue to break the law.

Son, who served for years on the Prince George’s County Liquor Board, orchestrated a cash for votes scheme where liquor store owners paid thousands of dollars to public officials because they wanted a new law passed that would let them sell booze on Sundays. Son was arrested in early 2017.


Franklin Jackson was chair of the Prince George’s County Liquor Board, working for many years alongside Son.

Franklin Jackson was chair of the Prince George’s County Liquor Board, working for many years alongside Son. He says in early 2014, he found out that months earlier Son held a campaign fundraiser for then-Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown. It was who Son invited that caught Jackson’s attention.

“People who own liquor stores, people who were attorneys and represented liquor store owners, and at the fundraiser, David Son actually solicited and collected several thousand dollars on behalf of Anthony Brown’s political campaign,” Jackson told FOX 5.

Campaign finance records show within two day of the fundraiser, thousands of dollars in donations to Brown’s campaign from Prince George’s County bars and liquor stores. A spokesman for Rep. Brown says Brown recalls attending the event and that all donations, expenditures and disclosures from that period “complied with every law and regulation.”


Congressman Anthony Brown

The law governing the liquor board says employees can’t solicit political donations from licensees or any person or corporation engaged in liquor sales in the county. The state of Maryland governed the liquor board, so Jackson says he first went to State Sen. Doug Peters, the head of the Prince George’s County Senate Delegation. He says Peters already knew of the fundraiser.

“It did not concern him and, in fact, instead of him reporting it to the governor, which is the action that I thought he would take, he actually communicated to David Son that I had expressed these concerns to him,” Jackson said.

Jackson says he then wrote a letter to then-Gov. Martin O’Malley himself, detailing the allegations and providing receipts from the event and campaign finance records. According to the letter, Jackson asked that Son be removed from the board for the alleged illegal behavior.

O’Malley’s former chief of staff, John Griffin, confirmed that the governor’s office received a complaint about Son and investigated. FOX 5 asked what the investigation found, but Griffin cited legal limitations on what can be revealed because “this investigation was a personnel matter.” He pointed out that Son resigned from the liquor board a few months after the complaint was made.


then-Gov. Martin O’Malley himself

While Son did resign from his position, he did so on his own terms. A resignation letter provided by Jackson says Son wanted to spend more time with his family.

Despite the accusations that he broke the law, Son quickly got another government job as an expert in the law. Son was hired by the Prince George’s County Senate Delegation, which was chaired by Peters. Son assisted with legislation that would allow some Prince George’s County liquor stores to sell on Sundays.

Then just a year after his resignation from the liquor board, Son returned to work there again.

“It was unbelievable to me that they would rehire him,” Jackson said.

Many of the bribes that landed Son and his cohorts in prison centered on that Sunday sales bill and Son’s position on the liquor board. To this day, Jackson says he can’t comprehend why the state never took action.

“All those things point to an indifference to corruption,” Jackson said.

FOX 5 has learned it’s not last call yet for Operation Dry Saloon. An FBI source says the investigation is still ongoing.

FOX 5 requested an interview with Sen. Peters and asked him for his response to the claims made by Jackson.

An emailed statement reads:

“Senator Peters is running against a Trump Administration contractor, so it’s no surprise Fox News would be part of this last minute smear. But the facts are clear – Senator Peters has been a voice for clean government, and always will be no matter how many last minute attacks come from Fox News and Trump Administration contractors.”

A spokesman for the Baltimore Field Office of the FBI is urging anyone with information about this case or any public corruption case to contact investigators at 410-265-8080.


Senator Douglas JJ Peters

Via Fox5DC




Two PGCPS teens charged in MS-13 gang-related killing in Maryland, police say


Lenin Mancias-Callejas (left), Bryan Mancias-Callejas (center) and Francisco Sosa (Photos: Montgomery County Police Department)

Two Hyattsville Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) teens were arrested in the gang-related stabbing of a 19-year-old found dead in the woods, police said.

Brothers Lenin Mancias-Callejas and Bryan Mancias-Callejas, both 16, have been charged as adults with first-degree murder in the death of Herson Mejia-Alvarez, 19, of Riverdale, Prince George’s County police said Wednesday. Police said they are still looking for a third suspect, 18-year-old Francisco Sosa, in connection with the killing.

Officers found Mejia-Alvarez’s body in a wooded area shortly before 1 p.m. May 23 in the 8900 block of New Hampshire Avenue in Silver Spring, police said.

Mejia-Alvarez was killed four days before his body was found in the woods, with cell phone records showing he and the Mancias-Callejas brothers were at an apartment building together before they travelled to an isolated location where Mejia-Alvarez’s body was eventually found, according to charging documents.

The Mancias-Callejas brothers and Sosa are members of MS-13, charging documents state.

The brothers are being held in the county jail without bond. An attorney for the brothers could not be immediately reached for comment.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Homicide Unit at 301-772-4925. Callers wishing to remain anonymous may call Crime Solvers at 1-866-411-TIPS (8477), go online at or use the “P3 Tips” mobile app.

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PGCPS Teacher thoroughly beaten up by a Principal finally speaks out.

Screen Shot 2018-06-28 at 2.43.48 PM

Lawyers for a Prince George’s County teacher involved in an altercation with a principal at Ardmore Elementary are speaking about the incident. MORE:

The teacher shown above wearing a black jacket to the left is not alone. There are many others who have experienced such bullying/harassment including within Information Technology Department (IT Help Desk). The County needs to do better job at holding folks accountable for their actions.

The courts in Maryland are increasingly being used to cover up for the administration when violations like these occur in the county.  In addition, Association of Supervisory and Administrative School Personnel (ASASP) is not transparent and President Dwayne Jones himself a Principal at Laurel High School is involved in questionable activity. ASASP is like a fox guarding the henhouse. Rules needs to change, if you are ASASP president, one should resign the Principal position until their time is over as ASASP President.

Below is the press conference.

Read more>>> 👇👇👇


Major Reasons Why Rushern Baker III Lost Big – preliminary opinion.


Rushern Baker III

Via @pgpolitics 

The media and pundits seem to be overlooking the extent to which Rushern Baker’s sorry record may have contributed to his defeat.

Baker promised to never allow gambling in PG County, then fought for a casino.

Baker promised to create a strong Inspector General position during his first 30 days, but waited 330 days to come up with a toothless “ethics” office.

Baker promised to not try to repeal TRIM, then pushed through a TRIM-busting, charter-violating tax increase anyway.

Baker said he was for Transit Oriented Development and would fight for transit across the Wilson Bridge–then pushed for major development projects with no transit address and finally bragged about adding infrequent bus service across the bridge, to and from places that would not help solve commuter traffic problems. Baker did nothing to make transit access a prerequisite for approval of his casino site.

Baker said he would not make another attempt to take over the schools. When he broke that promise, he said he wanted to be held accountable. Then appointed his brother-in-law to chair the school board, the wife of the delegate who helped with his coup as deputy superintendent, and took no responsibility for the resulting financial scandals, loss of grant money, grade and graduation fraud, and employment of child sex abusers and kiddie pornographers.

Although Baker got the most votes in his own county, it was much less than he expected.


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Major Breaking News: Supreme Court Rules 5-4 to Support Janus vs. Unions

Lesa Curtis

Lesa Curtis of Westchester, N.Y., right, who is pro agency fees and a former president of her union, rallies outside of the Supreme Court in Washington, Monday, Jan. 11, 2016, as the court heard arguments in the ‘Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association’ case. The justices heard arguments in a case that challenges the right of public-employee unions to collect fees from teachers, firefighters and other state and local government workers who choose not to become members. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

As widely anticipated, the US Supreme Court ruled 5-4 against a law in Illinois requiring non-members of public sector unions to pay fees for the benefits they receive from collective bargaining. This decision is expected to reduce the membership and revenues of unions, a long-sought goal of reactionaries.

The named plaintiff is Mark Janus. In Roman mythology, Janus is represented as two-faced.

From CNBC:

Supreme Court rules nonunion workers cannot be forced to pay fees to public sector unions
Tucker Higgins | @tuckerhiggins
Published 57 Mins Ago Updated 18 Mins Ago

The Koch brothers must be celebrating!

The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 Wednesday in Janus v. AFSCME that non-union workers cannot be forced to pay fees to public sector unions.

The case concerns whether public employees can be forced to pay so-called “agency fees” to fund the work of public sector unions.

Experts said that a holding in favor of Janus would be the most significant court decision affecting collective bargaining rights in decades.

The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 Wednesday in Janus v. AFSCME that nonunion workers cannot be forced to pay fees to public sector unions.

The case, one of the most hotly anticipated of the term, is the second in two days to hand a major victory to conservatives, following Tuesday’s holding by the court that President Donald Trump’s travel ban is constitutional. Some experts have said that a holding in favor of the plaintiff, Mark Janus, would be the most significant court decision affecting collective bargaining in decades.

Janus, an employee at the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Human Services, asked the court last summer to overrule a 40-year-old Supreme Court decision. It found that public sector unions could require employees affected by their negotiations to pay so-called “agency fees,” which have also been called “fair share fees.”

Those fees, approved by the court in the 1977 case Abood v. Detroit Board of Education, cover collective bargaining costs, such as contract negotiations, but are meant to exclude political advocacy.

Janus argued that his $45 monthly fee to the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees was unconstitutional. He said the fees infringed on his first amendment rights, and that, in the case of public employees whose contract negotiations are with the government, the fees were a form of political advocacy.

Hyattsville Mayor’s Response after former Hyattsville journalist and current local TV news employee files a grievance on social media.


Hyattsville Mayor Candace Hollingsworth run for Prince George’s County Council, District 2 race and came second. During the race, she faced challenges after a local news reporter filed a grievance on social media. Photo courtesy of Candace Hollingsworth

June 28th, 2018 – Hyattsville Mayor Candace Hollingsworth has filed a response to former Hyattsville journalist and current local TV news employee Rebecca Baldwinin who claimed retaliation in a grievance filed on social media. To be fair, we decided to post the mayor’s response which was posted on social media denying the allegations. There is evidence Divorce and politics both can be ugly. Below is the mayors response as presented on facebook:

I am saddened that Rebecca Baldwin has chosen to use challenges in her personal life to scandalize my name, tarnish my reputation, and take advantage of an election season to further do so.

I was one of at least two credible witnesses called by Ms. Baldwin’s husband to provide testimony of an incident in August 2016 involving Ms. Baldwin, another Hyattsville resident who will remain anonymous unless he/she chooses not to be, and me. All I will share here is that the resident and I were trying to get Ms. Baldwin home safely by walking with her from Mount Rainier to Hyattsville.

To be clear: I testified as a private citizen. I did not volunteer myself to her case, and I did not insert myself into this. Although she has raised this in a public way, for her and her family’s sake, I prefer not to air the rest of the unfortunate and uncomfortable details of that incident in this forum.

As to the remainder, her claims regarding the Life & Times are grossly (and demonstrably) inaccurate. I have not filed any ethics complaint against the publication or any of its members. For the rest, my record and my accomplishments as Mayor speak for themselves and for that I am proud.

I am happy to talk with anyone about anything raised in Ms. Baldwin’s post, including the circumstances of my testimony.

And to the colleagues of mine who are sharing this for their own political gain and gamesmanship—shame on you. Our constituents and neighbors deserve more and better from you.

-Candace Hollingsworth


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Maryland Democrats in enchanted territories as Old leadership is rejected after a Major Civil war! Oh Lord.


Former NAACP President Ben Jealous

Former NAACP president Ben Jealous won the Democratic nomination for Maryland governor on Tuesday, handing progressives a big win in a contest that offered two competing visions for how the party should run this fall and transform Maryland for the better.

With the vast majority of the ballots counted, Jealous led his main rival, our own Prince George’s County executive Rushern Baker III, by roughly 10 percentage points—40 percent to 30 percent, in a crowded field. Baker who misled a vast majority of his constitute in order to win the nomination has been left with an egg to his face after several major scandals erupted in Prince George’s County during the nomination process.

If he can win again in November, Jealous would become the state’s first black governor. But history won’t come easy. Gov. Larry Hogan is widely popular in the state with both Republicans and Democrats, and he will enter the general election as the odds-on favorite. A Washington Post poll earlier this month found Hogan with a 12-percentage-point lead in a hypothetical matchup against the Democrat.

State Delegate and Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Joseph F. Vallario, Jr is out of a job. Corruption within the Maryland court system has been off the hook under his leadership.

While the nomination of Ben Jealous is a watershed moment in Maryland Democratic Party history, another major  monumental shift occurred in the General Assembly and in Prince George’s County Council. Former convicted Robber and sexual predator Calvin Hawkins was elected to the council. (more on this story later).

While Senate President Mike Miller easily dispatched his overhyped challenger (Rushern Baker III), the following legislative leaders are out of a job following Tuesday’s primary:

  • Nathaniel McFadden, President Pro Tem of the State Senate
  • Joan Carter Conway, Education, Health & Environmental Affairs Committee Chair
  • Thomas “Mac” Middleton, Finance Committee Chair
  • Joe Vallario, Judiciary Committee Chair
  • Rushern Baker III, Prince Georges County Executive

Combine that with Budget & Taxation Chair Edward Kasemeyer (retirement), Budget & Taxation Vice-Chair Rich Madaleno (failed campaign for Governor), Finance Committee Chair John Astle (retirement), and Rules Committee Vice-Chair Ed Degrange, Delegate Carolyn J.B. Howard – Maryland Deputy Speaker Pro Tem (retirement), that’s eight of twelve Senate Democratic Committee leadership posts and parts of general assembly that need to be replaced.

This is an amazing set of losses for the Annapolis Democratic establishment. The three Senators who lost, as well as Vallario and delegate Howard who retired after a scandal, were career politicians who ran their committees and the chamber with iron fists. Vallario, in particular, was infamous for his bills that protected criminals and threw roadblocks in the way of common sense bills like Jessica’s Law. The Maryland judiciary is also tied to a lot of public corruption which continues to go on despite rules to protect the public from scams.

The Democratic temper tantrum that manifested itself with Rushern Baker after he run a disastrous campaign affected these races too. And that is what will make our legislative races even more important this year. These Democrats who lost their primaries yesterday are what some (not us) would consider “moderate” Democrats. Sure, they were notably left-wing when compared to the beliefs of the common man or woman, but they were establishment Democratic politicians who followed in lockstop with what legislative leadership wanted. But at some level, they understand what it means when it is said that Maryland has a “middle temperament” and their positions were not as radicalized as their counterparts.

This new group? We will wait to see what happens next. However, the democratic party in Maryland is in major water due to many scandals fueled by left wing.  They’ll try to move the General Assembly even further to the left than it already is without a doubt.

Their replacements in those leadership positions are not going to be nearly as “moderate” as these folks. They are going to be replaced with the type of left-wing, socialist sympathizers that would love nothing more than to shepherd the radical  agenda for the Democratic speaker and Senate President through the General Assembly.

The good news in all of this is that, Senator Muse and former congress woman Donna Edwards will stay involved in the process and help shepard the many resources the county has to offer.

The Democrats are clearly in enchanted territories as their legislative leadership prepares to test the new waters after many years. This, might make the perfect case for Governor Hogan’s re-election and the election of a more conservative General Assembly. However, it might also play the other way around if Governor Hogan fails to resolve outstanding issues in Prince George’s County before November 2018. Many of the problems in Prince George’s County started when Governor Hogan was already running the state. Those issues involve problems in Baltimore City. If Governor Hogan can handle these issues well, it will confirm a widely shared belief in this blog that,  Democratic party machine in Maryland is set for major losses in November 2018 after coverups.

However, If Ben Jealous presents his agenda carefully with much thought to the people on how to fight public corruption and help fix schools, He will beat Governor Hogan hands down in November.  After all, Maryland is a blue state with more Democrats than Republicans.

More to come.

Rushern Baker III seen here is in major trouble after he failed terribly to clinch the Governorship nomination by the Maryland democratic party. He is set to retire permanently from politics and settle in Cheverly as he guides his two daughters to find husbands and care for his wife. His son Rushern just recent got married.


Uproar as Hyattsville Mayor goes after former Hyattsville journalist now WJLA employee in retaliation.


Hyattsville Mayor Candace Hollingsworth announced Nov. 1 that she plans to run for Prince George’s County Council, District 2. Photo courtesy of Candace Hollingsworth

Tuesday June 26th, 2018– Hyattsville residents are up in arms after their Mayor Candace Hollingsworth decided to go after a former Hyattsville journalist or local journalist now WJLA employee Rebecca Baldwin in retaliation after she failed to yield into the mayors personal demands.

According to a facebook post forwarded to our blog, the former reporter claims bullying and intimidation tactics advanced by the mayor in her official capacity have got to stop.

The former Hyattsville journalist claims Major Candace Hollingsworth appeared at her custody hearing in her official capacity as the Mayor of Hyattsville to testify against her and inserted herself in Reporter Baldwin’s personal life. Ms. Baldwin says, she remains extremely distraught and astonished that an elected official would go to such extreme measures to take away her child all because she has a stupid, pointless and useless political vendetta against the former Hyattsville journalist.

There are other issues which the former Hyattsville journalist raises in her facebook post including failure to publish mayor Candace favorite story which led to current retaliation. These issues and others discussed in her facebook post has kept Hyattsville community up in arms after Hyattsville mayor went personal on the former Hyattsville journalist Rebecca Baldwin.

Ms. Baldwin currently works for WJLA but not as a WJLA reporter. She works in a non-editorial role within the organization.

Here is the post.

Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 4.32.20 PM.png



Major Drama after former PGCPS Principal is ordered by the Court – Not Abuse, Not Contact, Not Enter Residence


Principal Georgette Gregory is accused of an assault, hurling expletives, and yelling at a teacher in the school grounds at Ardmore Elementary School

June 25th, 2018 – Former Principal Georgette Gregory, of Prince George’s County Public School’s (PGCPS) Ardmore Elementary School who was accused on June 12th, 2018 of a deliberate assault on a teacher during recess on Tuesday, June 12, 2018, has been ordered by the court not to abuse and not to enter Residence. Following an assault which was widely reported on social media, former Principal Gregory is accused of beating up a teacher like a stray dog to the dismay of the students until spectators called the police and an ambulance.

According to the information received, following the assault, a hearing was held on June 15th, 2018 in Maryland District Court in Hyattsville. During the hearing, the court issued temporary peace orders instructing Principal Georgette Gregory, “Not Abuse, Not Contact, Not Enter Residence”. The final peace order by the court was issued on June 22nd, 2018 which will remain in force until December 22, 2018. (See below)

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 12.26.24 PM

There have been numerous concerns regarding the widespread shenanigans of Prince George’s County administrators. The issues have always been cover-ups and a bandage to the problems rather than addressing the underlying grievances.

Corruption erodes trust in public institutions and democracy, as it: undermines our internal market; hampers foreign investment; costs taxpayers millions; and in many cases, helps organized crime groups carry out their dirty work. This instance and the response of the PGCEA highlight that individuals without a sound education are like society without a sense of direction.

The stark difference between the 84 executives hired by Dr. Maxwell and the 20 executives hired by Former Superintendent Dr. Hornsby raises serious concerns. Dr. Maxwell and his cronies, including the Thatcher Law Firm in Greenbelt, “carry water” and the Union lawyers for the current executives, who have been robbing the County blind. Additionally, there are allegations that some of the attorneys at PGCPS Sasscer have not yet passed the bar, but still get paid to sit around.

Corruption flourishes when someone has monopoly power over a good or service, has the discretion to decide how much you get or whether you get any at all, and where transparency and accountability are lacking. So, to fight corruption, we must reduce monopoly and discretion, and increase transparency in several ways.

Corruption = Monopoly + Discretion – Transparency

Enhancing accountability means many things, and creative leaders use a remarkable variety of methods. One way to improve accountability is to improve the measurement of performance. Leaders can work with their employees and clients to create new systems for measuring the performance of agencies and offices—and then link rewards to results.

Accountability is also increased by inviting outside agencies to audit, monitor, and evaluate.

What about ethics and morality? Successful leaders set a good example. They often create training programs for employees and citizens. The keys are systems that provide better incentives for imperfect humans to perform in the public’s interest—and to avoid corruption.

Subverting Corruption

When corruption has become systemic, it resembles organized crime. It has its own parallel system of recruitment and hierarchy, of rewards and punishments, and of contracts and enforcement. This parallel system contains inherent weaknesses. For example, bribery and extortion are not legal in any country of the world. Therefore, they must be kept (somewhat) secret. The money gained must be hidden. One cannot openly recruit new members. The mechanisms for enforcement are illicit.

How can these corrupt systems be subverted? Obviously we cannot count on members of organized crime to clean themselves. Instead, we must analyze the corrupt systems and ask, “How might they be destabilized?” Who is “we”? It can be a new president and his or her administration, or a new mayor, or a leader of a public enterprise; but it can also be you and me as members of civil society. Around the world, we see new examples of: citizen activism; business groups entering into “integrity pacts”; and intellectuals, journalists, and religious leaders going beyond lectures and sermons to analyze corrupt systems and work together to subvert them.

By asking Rushern Baker III, to solve their Education problems, Prince George’s County and Maryland leaders should know that it’s like telling the hyena to help search for your stray sheep in the forest! Many in the County leadership can not learn a thing. They lack common sense, human dignity, are corrupt or driven by the desire for free cash whose source is unknown!


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