Washington Post issues a flawed endorsement of Mr. Calvin Hawkins for County council.


Mr. Calvin Hawkins

On February 15th, 2018, the Washington Post ran a story on Mr. Calvin Hawkins accused of sexually harassing a colleague a decade ago while working in a different county government office. The story left out other serious charges Mr. Calvin Hawkins committed including robbery with violence inter alia.

On the same day, (February 15th, 2018), this blog ran an article on Mr. Calvin Hawkins and exposed  his shenanigans fully including his violent crimes in Maryland and Washington DC using Guns. The question everyone should be asking is why did the press leave out these violations willfully done by Mr. Hawkins in the first article? Is the press in Washington DC metro area on the take by unseen forces and not free from publishing the truth? Who benefits when half truths are told and big fish are allowed to “carry water” for some other candidates?

On July 5th, 2017, this blog ran an article on Mr. Rushern Baker and Mr. Calvin Hawkins and highlighted violations and money laundering done by Mr. Hawkins while working for the county. The violations committed by Mr. Hawkins involved FEMA money as highlighted by Tara Maxwell on facebook. 

On July 12th, 2017, this blog ran an article on Unmasking Prince George’s County Corruption and other violations Part III which touched on Mr. Calvin Hawkins and his violations.

As a result of these exposures, Mr. Hawkins and his friends began to harass Ms. Tara Maxwell in many ways including during a debate event in Bowie until she quit her county job as a sheriff due to retaliation. Mr. Hawkins is being protected in order to continue violating rights at the expense of the county. The sad part of this is that, Mr. Bob Ross who is supposed to protect rights of the county residents is himself accused of being part of the plot to derail justice. (See Screenshots below).

After many months when the negative information was already circulating on social media, the Washington Post on May 7th, 2018 ran another article on Mr. Calvin Hawkins titled ” ‘Second chance kind of guy’: This candidate is telling voters about his criminal past“. The article highlighted his past criminal activities but did not highlight everything.

Since writing the last article on May 7th, 2018, the Washington post has since published an opinion endorsing Mr. Calvin Hawkins for at large council seat despite his current and past criminal activities in Prince George’s County. In it’s opinion, the Washington Post stated the following:

Mr. Hawkins has spent years in Prince George’s government, a chunk of it overseeing the county’s Community Emergency Response Team, a disaster-relief operation that organizes volunteers who work with first responders. Tireless and compassionate, he is committed to public service for the right reasons — namely, to help people. His past includes prison time more than 30 years ago on an armed robbery conviction when he was about 20 years old and, a decade ago, a sexual-harassment episode involving a co-worker. As a candidate, he has been forthright about both.

However, people who know Mr. Calvin Hawkins well know that, he is a bully and he likes to harass and then retaliate.

We request the county citizenry to  ignore the Washington Post endorsement of Mr. Calvin Hawkins in particular because of his engagement in retaliation and for “carrying Water” for Mr. Rushern Baker III and others involved in questionable activity. Please  vote other candidates with commitment to public service but who are not there for personal gain while advancing public corruption.  We respect the Washington Post as our local daily paper but it can do better on these issues. The paper is wrong on this one and we hope the local press will revisit and correct the missteps in a future date. If people want to see change, they need to purge the system of cronyism, nepotism, favoritism, and bring in fresh ideas based on broader experiences.

Here here some of the responses on the Washington post article from the public: 

Jennjen: If endorsements mean anything to voters, I’m willing to bet that this announcement, released today by unions representing employees who live and vote in Prince George’s County, carries more weight than that of the WaPo Editorial Board members who probably live in Virginia.

WakadaForever: WaPo didn’t do their homeowner here or just cherry picks whose bad records they bring up. Candace Hollingsworth has a record like Karen Toles when it comes to her finances. For years, Candace has had District and Circuit Court judgments against her for not paying her taxes and bills. Anyone can see cases on the Maryland Judiciary Case Search. Hmmm – just the machine politicians being protected or WaPo not really ready to turn the corner for a future Prince George’s County with politicians we can trust with our tax dollars?

Jennjen: Although I may agree with SOME of this, the larger part of me believes that the WaPo needs to mind their business. Endorse in elections held in your own communities. Reveal where the members of your Board live, and let’s hear their 2 pennies about the candidates in their respective areas. You print slanted news stories, then stick your noses in family business.

More to come!




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