Tell Angela Alsobrooks to Return the Developer Dollars!


State Attorney Angela Alsobrooks (seen here) currently running to be county executive in Prince George’s County appears to think corruption pays after sitting on critical issues in which she could have made a difference had she acted timely in 2011 after evidence was presented to her. (Read more Angela AlsoBrooks ties to Former County Executive Jack B. Johnson exposed!)

Progressive Maryland issued a call to the Angela Alsobrooks campaign to cease accepting contributions from developers, their attorneys, and their lobbyists. The organization is also demanding that the Alsobrooks campaign return any contributions she has already accepted by May 30th 2018. Progressive Maryland is giving the Alsobrooks campaign three days to issue a response to this request. Sign our petition below to tell Angela Alsobrooks that Prince Georgians are tired of large corporations and developers thinking they can buy elections in our County.…

Everyone who cares about the Prince George’s County should sign the petition above👆and the other petition to Governor Larry Hogan below👇.

>>>Sign the Petition here  and here<<<

Ms. Angela Alsobrooks (Left) was mentored by Mr. Jack Johnson (Right).

Read more >>> 👇👇👇


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