Community in Shock and disbelief as Washington Post endorses Rushern Baker III for Governor in the midst of bad governance!


Newspapers have been endorsing candidates for public offices since at least 1860, when The New York Times supported “Mr. Lincoln, of Illinois, familiarly known as ‘Old Abe.’” That’s part of what newspapers do. Sometimes they are wrong as done in the case of Rushern Baker III shown above.

On May 19, the Editorial Board wrote and published an editorial endorsing Rushern Baker III for Governor of Maryland. Wow! Reaction came like a shock wave. From the phone calls and emails coming into our blog requesting us to say something, you would think we had burst into a Catholic church during Mass and accused the pope of high crimes and malfeasance. What Washington Post thinks is a well-reasoned stance on a critical political issue is actually flat-out offensive to a significant number of readers and community members based on what has transpired under Rushern Baker III during the last two terms in office.

Under Rushern Baker III, Prince George’s county public schools (PGCPS) graduated tons of students who did not meet requirements for graduation. Under Rushern Baker III, PGCPS ignored the federal government which led to the entire school District losing over $6.5 million in federal funds.

Under Rushern Baker III, Retaliation and cover up of crimes has been a way of life. During his leadership, almost 900 innocent people were placed on administrative leave (which cost the taxpayers millions). Other violations under Rushern Baker III never witnessed before touch on illegal and unauthorized raises at PGCPS. Awarding large campaign contributions from Dr. Kevin Maxwell when his contract negotiations were in progress. The list is endless with a large increase of the central office management by 32% while  cutting the classroom school supply budget to benefit a few connected friends starting with Delegate Dereck Davis and others. Manipulating Judges led by late Chief Circuit Administrative Judge William D. Missouri and his local committee to do a study to increase his salary and council members at the expense of the local delivery. This led to an award of the largest pay unimaginable in United States of America of the county Executive.

At $210,000 a year, County Executive Rushern Baker earns the title of being the highest paid local elected official.  Baker makes more running Prince George’s County than Governor Larry Hogan makes running the entire state of Maryland, at $165,000. Baker also makes more than Maryland’s U.S. Senators and Congressmen who make $174,000, respectively.

Mr. Rushern Baker III also facilitated and collaborated with State Attorney Angela Alsobrooks who is currently running to be county executive to increase her salary in what appears to be a form of bribe to cover up local issues affecting the schools. Angela Alsobrooks currently makes more than $220,000 at the expense of  the county even after local issues were brought to her attention years ago. The facilitator on the Maryland state level has always been Delegate Dereck E. Davis who is the Chairman of the Economic matters whose wife now makes $222,144.

According to three members of the Board of Education led by Board member Edward Borroughs III, the following people received raises:

  • Deputy Superintendent’s salary increased from $175,735 in October 2013 to $222,144 in July 2017 – a $46,409 or 26.4 percent pay increase
  • Chief Strategic and External Affairs salary increased from $138,278 in July 2015 to $188,058 in January 2017 – a $49,780 or 36 percent pay increase
  • Director of Employee Performance and Evaluation salary increased from $101,367 in July 2015 to $137,125 in May 2017 – a $35,758 or 35.3 percent pay increase
  • Officer for Diversity Affairs salary increased from $130,597 in January 2017 to $144,962 in May 2017 – a $14,365 or 11 percent pay increase
  • Former Chief of Staff salary increased from $207,586 in July 2014 to $220,209 in January 2016 – a $12,623 or 6.1 percent pay increase
  • Chief of Communications salary increased from $115,231 in January 2017 to $141,044 in March 2017 – a $25,813 or 22.4 percent pay increase

The list is endless and could go on and on. Not to mention Baker’s continued support of Maxwell without any accountability.

Many people who engaged this blog think the Daily Washington Post did not look at all the evidence before jumping to conclusion so quickly to support a candidate engaged in violations of law and promoting public corruption at the expense of the local delivery. That, our opinion didn’t reinforce their personal viewpoint on issues currently going on in the community.

Here are some of the comments received on Facebook so far.

Donna Goodman Lies You Tell! Are you joking??? Based on what?? His lies about giving MBEs so much of MGM? His further destruction of our school system? His willingness to cover-up child abuse and molestation of nonverbal children? How about the use of school funds to dig the county out of debt? I Guess it was his bold face lies about moving resources from the administration and putting them back in the classroom. Instead, the administration went from 10 executives to 30 in the 1st year!! Even more disturbing, he CUT resources in the classrooms and allowed Maxwell added 29 million in, unqualified, incompetent, unaccountable nondirect support in his administration. Lets Not forget to mention the several nepotism hires and appointments in the administration and the Board. This includes his brother-in-law as Board Chair who has in conjunction with Maxwell and his Baker Blockers, push Baker’s agenda through like a champ! Giving away schools, closing the military progams, cutting AP testing and my personal favorite, block Any investigations or oversight. What else, can he do to show you know he was brought and paid for by Mr Miller!! Oh, I know, his sanctioning of the grade changing or the termination of whistleblowers who reported Maxwell and others crimes, right? That is what makes him good?? No Sir, Baker Would Be An Absolute Nightmare as Governor of Maryland!!! An before the narrative changes to “these are rumors,” No Facts!

Sifu Derrick DrJones Homesley Malcolm Augustine you need to go back and review your facts with out bias. He has had more scandals of any previous County Executive. None have been properly dissembled by him, and most of his ill deeds affect the African-American community. Shame!

Malcolm Augustine Ms. Donna Goodman, thank you for your message. I am not joking. The Baker administration has been competent, ethical and transparent. Facts. Mistakes have been made. Governing is hard, but the Baker administration has done an outstanding job.

Donna Goodman Malcolm Augustine Well, transparency, accountability and truth must have disappeared immediately after he got HB1107 passed. I do not consider it a mistake when you assist in covering up the abuse and molestation of our children! He knew, he hid and he worked with Alsobrooks to help Michael Paul Patopie, Walk!! Patopia’s acts were No different than both Black pedophiles who basically got life! Well, accept Patopie was White, was only charged with 2 of the children he molested vs. 10? Tonya Wingfield confirm? Did no jail time, got a DEAL of “time served??” He did NOT have to register as a sex offender and thus, can go back in another school system and molest special needs children again!! Not to mention, No One in Maxwell’s Administration was held Accountable when General Counsel, Board Chair and others, Knew And watched the video! Forgive me, if I don’t think this was a mistake vs a criminal act. He covered it up for political reasons. Ethical, is No where in his orbit.

Elisha Pulivarti Not ready for Maryland ???

Edward P. Burroughs III I’d rather eat a box of nails

Munyambu Vinya I would rather jump in the sea than support a fraud.

Mandela Madison Yousef It’s a crowded field for this top position. I certainly hope that the people of Maryland are paying attention.

Manuel Geraldo Sometimes your comments are indecipherable.

Dameon Proctor I don’t get a vote but I’ll watch the spectacle.

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