Bowie High School students in black masks simulate school shooting as a senior prank

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Bowie HS students in black masks simulate school shooting as a ‘senior prank.’ (ABC7) click here for the video

A group of Bowie High School students were involved in an incident where they dressed in black, shot students and faculty with replica squirt guns, and set off fireworks in the school as a senior prank.

 At least one student was hurt. And many are saying the so-called prank went too far.

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The students face discipline and possible charges. The incident occurred in the high school’s main building, according to a letter from Bowie High School principal Robynne W. Prince.

“Around 10:45 a.m., a small group of students participated in an inappropriate “senior prank” that resulted in a school evacuation,” the letter in part reads. “The prank involved spraying students and staff with squirt guns and setting off fireworks in the hallway.”

“School administration is taking this incident very seriously and coordinating with local police; the students involved will be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law and disciplined according to the PGCPS Student Code of Conduct.”

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Via WJLA 7


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