Bladensburg Council Member Accused of Burglary in Fairfax, Virginia.


Selwyn Bridgeman

An elected official in Prince George’s County is accused of burglarizing a home in Fairfax County — and officials say he targeted the wrong apartment.

Selwyn Bridgeman, a Town Council member for Bladensburg, was arrested this weekend after police say he burglarized a home in Fairfax in January.

Police say Bridgeman broke into an apartment on Pender Creek Circle and stole cash. Investigators say he broke into the wrong apartment. It wasn’t immediately clear who he allegedly was targeting.

“Mr Bridgeman was in the area, trying to make contact with an acquaintance of his. From the past or present? We haven’t been able to figure that out as of yet,” Sgt. Aaron Pfeiff said.

The couple who lived in the apartment was awakened overnight to the sound of someone in their home. They ordered him to leave and he did. Then, they saw that money was gone and called police.

After an investigation of nearly four months, police identified Bridgeman as a suspect and got a warrant for his arrest this weekend in Prince George’s County.

Bridgeman has been a Council member since 2015, according to his Facebook page. He did not respond to inquiries.

Bladensburg Mayor Takisha James said town officials were unable to discuss the charge.

He was in jail on Monday. He is expected to be extradited to Fairfax County to face a felony count of burglary.

Via NBC4


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