Prince George’s NAACP Challenged to do more in face of HB1107 law and Public Corruption in the County.



June White Dillard, a past president of the Prince George’s County branch of the NAACP, urges that the school system’s chief executive, Kevin Maxwell, leave by June 30 and be replaced by an interim leader as soon as possible. (Donna St. George/The Washington Post)

By Tonya Wingfield via Facebook

Here we go again. Another press conference from an entity that had the power to challenge Dr. Maxwell and his crew of corruption before today, but sat on their hands and did nothing. HB1107-2013 is cousin to the voter suppression laws in that it undermined the democratic election process for the citizens of Prince George’s County.

Additionally, it created a monopoly, which the Maryland Constitution clearly states no citizens of Maryland should suffer under. The NAACP could have challenged HB1107 the same as the NAACP challenged voter suppression law and gerrymandering. Sure, we’re speaking of different branch of the NAACP, but they all have the same mission. Ms. Dillard, you are an attorney. You may not have argued a case in Federal court, but I’m sure you know someone who has. Why wait for Rushern Baker to act, especially when his flawed judgment will appoint the next CEO?

The mission of the NAACP is to fight for civil rights and HB1107 robs Prince Georgian’s of our most basic rights to vote and hold our elected officials accountable. I ask the NAACP to show you’re serious about not just removing Dr. Maxwell but ensuring this unconstitutional law does not allow us to repeat history. File a lawsuit in federal court challenging the constitutionality of HB1107-2013.

Donna St. George, please take some time to interview whistle blowers that have lost their jobs, homes and livelihood to fight the waste and corruption in PGCPS for years. These are the real heroes and they should be given a platform to be heard.…/724fe53c-546a-11e8…


Governor Lawrence Joseph Hogan Jr. (born May 25, 1956) became a governor of Maryland with a promise and commitment to fight public corruption.  He currently serves as the 62nd Governor of Maryland, in office since January 2015. He is only the second Republican governor in Maryland in nearly 50 years, and the first Maryland governor from Anne Arundel County to be elected in over 100 years. A lot is expected of him in the coming weeks to intervene by ordering an independent investigation to determine the issues for Maryland to face a brighter future. A clear case of public corruption  playing in the face of the entire world, Governor Hogan will be expected to provide leadership and demonstrate how things should be done in a proper democracy. 


Tonya Wingfield is a Real Estate Agent who lives in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. She has grown Children who are all products of PGCPS and has had a better understanding of the system for many years. She speaks truth to power!

Bob Ross2

Bob Ross (President of NAACP Prince George’s County is seen here playing golf). The County Chapter of Prince George’s County needs to do more to protect civil rights and to fight for less fortunate in the society without fear or favor in order to advance equality in the county. 

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  1. Thank you Tonya Wingfield. When will law and order prevail? I guess when the get from under the Baker, Miller and Peters crooks!


  2. Ms. Wing field, you are correct with your asssement that the NAACP could do more, Many people in the County want us to provide services but are not members. I am a volunteer with the NAACP and can attest that Mr. Ross works hard with no staff except those few of us that volunteer. Please keep in mind that Mr. is a volunteer….that works as hard as a full time President that gets a full time salary. I hope you too are a member we could use the assistance. I think Bob Ross deserves a day off to play golf…


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