PGCPS Parents redecorate teachers’ lounge to show appreciation

Dcniq1SXUAICHjzBy Hilary Lane:

It’s Teachers’ Appreciation Week, and a group of Prince George’s County parents took their appreciation for their teachers to the next level.

A group of parents at Benjamin Foulois Creative and Performing Arts K-8 School, spent 50+ hours over spring break beautifying two teachers’ lounges at the school.

“My mom friends came to me and said have you seen the teacher’s lounge,” said Robyn Kravitz, who has a daughter at the school. “I said ‘no, I’m not a teacher.'”

When Robyn Kravitz walked through the teacher’s lounges, she was not too impressed.

“Very sad. Very beige,” said Kravitz. “Not happy, I wouldn’t want to go hang out in there.”

So Robyn and her friends came up with a plan to give the two lounges a major makeover.

“We need to do something to show these teachers that they matter, and that we are so, so thankful for them,” said Kravitz.

Mr. McCray, the school’s principal, said the new and improved decor has had an impact on the teachers.

“They are so happy to be in this space,” said Mr. McCray. “They feel more relaxed, they are happier to be here.”

Proving a little color and a lot of heart go along way.



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