Why doesn’t Rushern Baker move to fire School CEO Maxwell?


Rushern Baker III

In an exclusive video posted to Facebook, Prince George’s County Executive Rushern Baker said he will continue to stand by embattled School system CEO Dr. Kevin Maxwell despite a series of missteps during Maxwell’s controversial tenure.

The school system, and Baker’s steadfast defense of Maxwell has become a key campaign issue in the race to succeed Baker, with all major candidates vowing to push Maxwell out despite a $300,000 annual contract through 2021

Baker is a Democrat running for Governor and has been sharply criticized by Maryland’s Republican Governor Larry Hogan over management of schools in the county.
via Wusa9

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  1. Wow, everything he says that he uses as a guide to stick with Maxwell, has Not been done! Corruption in the Administration and on the Board is worse with your brother-in-law at the helm. He lies about every scandal, hides every thing he does, including, hiring Baker’s unqualified over paid cronies, giving increases to already over paid underskill friends, increase contract fraud, filtering money to the state to dig Baker out of debt, no transparency, no accountability, stats are lies, he covers-up and protects molesters and this man wants to be our Govenor!! We see through your lies and crimes! Not Our Govenor!!

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