Prince George’s County school bus drivers protest secret raises

Some Prince George’s County parents are wearing green on Friday in a show of support for the school district’s bus drivers.A5FE6A7D-B128-4C94-8850-9469C656FA1DBy Hilary Lane

Some Prince George’s County parents are wearing green on Friday in a show of support for the school district’s bus drivers.

Some of those drivers are now speaking out for the first time. They are frustrated about the CEO of schools acknowledging secret pay raises for several central office workers, while teachers and bus drivers got nothing

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“It’s not fair that we have secret pay raises,” said Mr. Roy, a bus driver in the school district. “Secret pay raises that are given under the table.”

Mr. Roy said he has had enough. Drivers are standing in solidarity with teachers because they feel it’s unfair that administrators get raises, and the people on the ground, working in the trenches ever single day with kids, have not.

“Bus drivers, teachers, they do a good job and if you do a good job you deserve to be paid,” said Mr. Roy.

On March 11, WUSA9 first told you an internal audit audit found six central office workers got secret pay raises, that should have been approved by the school board, but they were not. The school district said they have since corrected the issue.

Then on April 11, there was news of more raises. We told you that CEO of schools Dr. Kevin Maxwell gave big raises for at least six of his executive cabinet members, up to 35 percent. Dr. Maxwell was authorized to give those raises.

The district has defended the raises by saying school workers have received millions of dollars in raises over the past few years.

The average bus driver in Prince George’s County is paid $34,000 a year.

“We are out here today to say pay our teachers. Pay our bus drivers. They do an awesome job day in and day out,” said Mr. Roy.

via WUSA9

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