Prince George’s Co. police investigating hidden camera found inside school administrative office


 – Prince George’s County police and school officials said an investigation is underway after a hidden video recording device was discovered inside an administrative office at a school building.

Prince George’s County Public Schools CEO Dr. Kevin Maxwell said police were contacted after the camera was found. Police have seized the device for forensic analysis to determine what may have been recorded.

“It was not in a common or public area,” said Prince George’s County Police Chief Hank Stawinski. “I want to be clear it was not in a locker room. It was not in a place that would lend itself to prurient behavior.”

Stawinski said the device has been in the office for several months and is believed to be used to gather information. However, it is unclear who placed it in the office and what the purpose of the device was. Police said the camera was capable of being accessed remotely.

“We do not believed it was intended for criminal purposes, but at this point of the investigation, we are unclear as to who authorized the placement of that device,” Stawinski said.

Police would not reveal which school the camera was found or who discovered it because they do not want to reveal the victim in any way.

Stawinski said he wanted to reassure parents that the recording device was not found in a public location such as a bathroom or locker room where students may have access.

“I can’t exclude the possibility, but by the nature of the work done in this office, I will suggest there is almost no possibility that indiscreet photographs of people were captured,” Chief Stawinski said.

Via Fox5DC

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