This year’s elections will be critical for our community

election-2018-flag-wave-570x285.jpgPosted at the request of Lynn Jackson, Candidate for Delegate, District 27A.

This year’s elections will be critical for our community. As we have seen throughout this nation’s history a single election cycle can turn our republic upside down. It is going to take the efforts of you and your community to get out and to vote if we truly want to see improvements to our neighborhoods.

We should all ask ourselves who are these people who are running for office. Candidates for elected office are campaigning/interviewing with voters to earn the title of becoming an elected official. Most of us have been interviewed so we know that there are questions that need to be addressed to get a feel for who is deserving of our vote. The good candidates answer our questions before we ever ask. They supply us with information ahead of time that they know that we are curious about. The good ones can answer our questions with yes or no (or with I don’t know). The good ones identify the issues that are important to our community and then will tell you how they are going to make improvements.

Vague answers with the general tone of  “I’m going to make things better” without an explanation of how, should be a red flag. Proceed with caution with candidates that do not directly answer your questions with a yes or a no. If you were interviewing with Amazon to become a manager and you couldn’t directly answer a question, do you think that you’d be the organization’s top choice? Probably not.

Is a candidate spending more time asking for money to their campaign than they are serving the community? What have these candidates done for our community in their free time before the election period ramped up this year? If you are favoring an incumbent, someone who already holds a position, then what type of fundraising and community activities outside of their normal responsibilities have they participated in to improve the community?

For those who claim that they are going to do a better job with listening and communicating with voters, ask them how exactly they plan to do it. We should reasonably expect for our elected official’s phones and email to be very busy, so how are they going to ensure that we will be listened to while they are in office?

Lets do our part and research those who claim that they deserve our vote. Lets change our government from within with the power of your vote.



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