Breaking: PGC Senate Delegation refuses to vote on PGCPS Inspector General bill due to conflicts of interest.


Senators pictured in Action in the Senate Chamber in Annapolis Maryland.

According to Delegate Alonzo T. Washington, ” The PGC Senate Delegation does not believe we need more oversight and accountability in our school system. They have refused to vote on my PGCPS Inspector General bill that unanimously passed the House of Delegates. However, they did vote to give DEVELOPERS more MONEY that otherwise would be used for EDUCATION. I ask them, where are their priorities… I can assure you it’s not eliminating waste, fraud, and abuse in PGCPS. #Complacent“, He stated on Facebook. 

During the current legislative period, delegates failed to vote for the reveal of HB1107 while blaming senators. Throughout this 2018 legislative session in Annapolis, Prince George’s County delegation has acted against the will of the people starting with Delegates and some senators. Early during the legislative session, Senator Antony Muse complained of the delegates and senators jeopardizing the county priorities on Facebook hence asked members of the public to intervene.

According to a series of information received through Facebook from Senator (D) Anthony Muse  and sponsor of the bill for complete reveal, stated the following:

” My bill is 1107 to return us back to an all elected school board. Delegate Walker will not let it out for a vote. Per millers instructions and Bakers”

second message stated the following ….

Delegate Jay Walker is not letting my school board repeal bill out for a vote. This is wrong. This is politics at its worst. Yes all need to join in and put pressure on him from our district and County to return it to an all elected school board as my bill demands”. 

The third message stated the following in part…..

“…..The senators will not help. Mike Miller and baker wants the process to remain the same They do not want an elected school board as far as I can tell because these two don’t want it. Wow wow.”

I don’t mean to get into any disagreement but the fact is it does not matter what the Senators said the delegates are only responsible for their votes. They should have voted on it and then let the senators vote. At least the people will know how all voted. By not voting they never take the responsibility of saying they tried. They send many bills over to the senate and let the senate do as we choose. In short, by not voting they never go on record. They will blame the senate and the senate will blame them and no one has to record a vote. Good tactics but bad legislating. I wanted to vote on it and now I cannot. No argument just saying what I now happened. Love ya all. Js”, Senator Anthony Muse wrote. 

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