Silence Is Deafening From Gov. Candidates On Intra-Democratic School Construction Funding Fight


Yesterday, we wrote about the growing Civil War within the Maryland Democratic Party. The fierce battles between fellow Democrats, Senate President Mike Miller and Comptroller Peter Franchot, have been the most shattering to the illusion that Maryland Democrats are unified.

What has only exacerbated matters is the fact that each and every one of the Democratic gubernatorial candidate, in true profiles in courage fashion, have remained silent on this escalating Democratic feud. Each of these gubernatorial primary candidates claims they want to lead the Maryland Democratic Party, but when a real issue arises, they’re nowhere to be found.

As the legislature’s effort to severely limit school construction funding accountability goes on, each of the gubernatorial candidates owes it to Maryland voters to voice a position on this issue.

Do they stand with the Democratic party machine that wants to give unaccountable people, including lobbyists, control over school construction funding, or do they believe the Maryland’s elected officials should stay in charge of this vital process?

Marylanders deserve to know where they stand.

Via Maryland Republican party


Sen. Thomas V. Mike Miller is photographed while on his way to a meeting in the Senate Building in Annapolis. The building is named after him. His influence is pervasive. He raises funds for Democrats, anoints candidates and holds sway over a litany of appointments — committee chairs, Cabinet secretaries, judges, even local liquor inspectors.


The Maryland Senate building is named after Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller, Jr. 



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