‘Sick Out’ organized for Monday after PGCPS teachers learn of secret pay raises

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Teachers in Prince George’s County are calling for a “Sick-Out” on Monday, after new details of a secret pay raise scandal continue to come to light.

According to a post on Facebook, teachers want to start a “grassroots protest against the alleged misuse of funds.”

Some teachers told WUSA9 instead of attending school on Monday, they plan on attending the “Fix the Fund” rally in Annapolis. Teachers said buses from Prince George’s County are being organized to help transport teachers.

No word yet on how many teachers are participating and if it will affect classes on Monday.

WUSA9 learned Friday that several Human Resource employees received up to 12 percent raises, while a proposal to give teachers a raise failed.

According to an internal audit, six human resource employees received improper raises between July 1, 2016 and September 30, 2017.

One human resource employee’s salary was bumped from $94,000 to $106,000, an increase of 12 percent, without approval from the board. Another employee went from $99,000 to $108,000, a 10 percent raise, that was not approved. A third employee went from $67,000 to $75,000, an 11 percent raise.

Prince George’s County school officials say a “sick out” would be against Maryland law.

In a statement, John White, Prince George’s County Spokesperson said the following:

“It would also violate the collective bargaining agreement between the Prince George’s County Educators Association and Prince George’s County Public Schools. It could be grounds for disciplinary action against individual employees as well as sanctions against the union. It would also be unfair to students.”

via WUSA9


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