Thursday hearing for HB355, Investigator General for Education

md_general_assemblyCompiled By Jerome Dancis 

The House of Delegates bill for an Investigator General for Education is HB355.

(It is the house version of SB302)

It’s hearing is schedule for this Thursday March 1, before the Ways and Means Committee.

I am planning to go.


Here is my 3 minute public presentation to the state BOE yesterday.

Needed: An Investigator General for Education

On Feb. 7, I, joined other concerned citizens, who provided cogent testimony before the Senate Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs Committee in favor of MD Senate bill 302, which calls for an Investigator General for education.

Here are 8 of my take-a-ways:

1. Christina Delmont-Small, member, BOE, Howard County. She was a Congressional Investigator for a committee of the U.S. House of Representatives. She spoke on the usefulness of inspector generals.

2. Barbara Krupiarz, board member of Howard County Special Education Citizens Advisory Committee.

She mentioned an Ombudsman’s report on Howard County’s significant violations of the Public Information Act (FOIA):

Unfortunately, the ombudsman also has no enforcement capability.

3.Gene Ryan noted that Howard County’s school budget listed almost $3 million in special education services, which were denied at a cost of $777,000 in legal fees. Therefore this was considered cost effective by Howard County schools.

4. Julie Gaskins of Baltimore City. She mentioned that the U.S. Dept. of Education – Office of Civil Rights found many violations of civil rights including retaliation against staff. Maryland Dept. of Education does not deal with retaliation.

5.Catherine Carter of Howard County. Her son’s double-vision was not considered a visual impairment, so school refused to provide doctor recommended vision accommodations. She noted that nationally, most school districts are violating federal law.

6. Nicole Landers, RN:

“I experienced violations of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act,

“I work as Assistant Director of Nursing for an agency that provides nursing care at home and school to medically fragile children. I visit many schools across multiple counties within the state. ”

7. Anne Miller, She is one of the four members of the Baltimore County BOE who are calling for a Special Review Audit by the Office of Legislative Audits. They can do a comprehensive, forensic investigative audits looking for fraud, waste and abuse. Not merely a compliance audit.

8. Janis Sartucci, Parents Coalition of Montgomery County, Her statement of 15 cogent bullet points of misdeeds in Montgomery County schools, is on the web at

Needed: An Investigator General for Education

Opposed: Maryland Association of Boards of Education (MABE)


This is a short version of my 4 page summary of testimony at feb. 7 hearing, ” Needed: Investigator General for Education in Maryland”. It is on the “Reform Sasscer” website dated Feb. 25, 2018. It is at

(“Sasscer” is the name of the administrative building of the Prince George’s County school system.)


* “[Julie] Gaskins’ son goes to Garret Heights Elementary Middle. A recent letter from the State Department of Education confirmed that her son who is in 7th grade, had the curriculum of a first grader. The State declared Garrett Heights in violation of state and federal law.”


” “It’s Infuriating”: City Mom Reacts After State Senators Walk Out”


* I attended a Democratic Gubernatorial Candidates Forum on Sunday night.

* I asked Candidate Ben Jealous a question about having an inspector general for education. Ben Jealous said he supports inspector generals.


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