Gov. Hogan to potential challenger Rushern Baker: ‘Fire Kevin Maxwell’


Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) delivers his State of the State address in late January. (Katherine Frey/The Washington Post)

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan says Prince George’s County Executive Rushern L. Baker III, a potential gubernatorial challenger, should fire his handpicked schools chief over a diploma scandal in the district.

Hogan (R), who has long been critical of Baker’s response to the scandal, said the county executive needs get rid of schools chief executive Kevin Maxwell and assume responsibility for the grade-tampering that resulted in an inflated number of high school graduates in the state’s second-largest school system.

“This saga has gone on for far too long,” Hogan said Wednesday in response to a question during a news conference on school safety. “Enough is enough. . . . In my opinion, it should have happened a long time ago. But I’ll say it today — the county executive needs to fire Kevin Maxwell.”

Baker (D), who is ahead of his six primary rivals in the polls but lags well behind Hogan, scoffed at the governor’s suggestion.

“I listen to students and parents in Prince George’s County, and the last I checked, the governor was neither of those,” Baker said. “I view his comments as purely political, and I don’t take them seriously at all.”

Baker has touted improved test scores and graduation rates as one of his significant accomplishments. His record on education seems likely to become a major issue during the gubernatorial campaign.

A state investigation found in November that grades were changed days before graduation for nearly 5,500 students during the past two years.On Tuesday, the Maryland State Board of Education took the unusual step of assigning a full-time employee to monitor the county’s efforts to address the scandal. It also ordered a second audit to ensure that the problems are resolved.

Baker said board members should take it upon themselves to monitor the county’s actions. “That’s their job,” he said.

Several elected county school board members, along with the county branch of the NAACP, also have called for Maxwell’s ouster.

Baker asked for partial control of the troubled school system in 2013, a move that gave him the authority to select the schools chief and appoint several members to a newly created hybrid board. But it is not clear whether he would have the authority to fire Maxwell outright.

The Prince George’s County Educators’ Association last week voted a lack of confidence in the school board’s current structure and asked the state legislature to strip Baker of the power to appoint members. A bill to repeal Baker’s schools takeover is pending in the General Assembly.

Via Washington Post 


Schools CEO Kevin Maxwell, center, and his executive staff take questions from Prince George’s County Council members about a recent audit found issues with the system’s grading policies and procedures.


County Executive Rushern Baker III (Seen here) granted control over the school board and CEO was a big mistake. PG county school system is a regular reality tv show that needs to be cancelled! Grade scandals, child abuse scandals, discrimination lawsuits among other lawsuits, security issues, union issues, employee pay issues. All under the watchful eye of Maxwell! Who is protected by a law passed specifically for him! And a County Exec who is blinded by his own agenda. Granted Hogan could take time from the big chair to come down to PG and spend a day in these schools and see the damage that’s being done! Maxwell you’ve over stayed your welcome! And Baker you stand 0 chance of Marylanders trusting you or your judgement! Good Luck on the campaign trail!


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  1. Yet Hogan is aware of the dangerous and destructive corruption from one Annapolis law firm, the specific judges who provide legal cover for them and he does NOTHING to stop this conduct! A law firm known for their long standing false PO filings yet granted by judges without merit.

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    • Hogan knows his office of MSDE, is just as croupt because they provide cover for the CEO’s corruption. I would challenge him to investigate the last several cases that have come to the State Board of Education and do the right thing to overturn the wrongful termination of whistleblowers. Although he fired some when he took office, his staff is an enabler of wrongdoing. Clean up your house as well sir. No more votes for the lesser of 2 evils.

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      • The firm and partners have been named in prior posts. Write about them as others have and be prepared to receive threats from their managing partner as other publications have. This firm is by far THE most unlawful, unethical, destructive and dangerous law firms in MD. They proudly joke about their conduct. Just ask any attorney as most in that jurisdiction have shared their anger and disdain for how they improperly practice law. In fact, a few attorneys have drafted and forwarded their complaints and concerns regarding the improper conduct of the lead partner and his improper ex parte communications yet it falls on deaf ears. You have no idea how dishonorable this firm operates and with a complicit judiciary. The lead partner is well recognized as the King of filing false POs. He placed an innocent mother (also in the legal profession) in jail absent any merit. The aforementioned doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of malfeasance, misconduct and outright dishonesty. Directly lying to the bench, withholding critical evidence, submitting fraudulent financials (then joking in front of a judge about this), creating false evidence, character assassinations, false narratives, false statements of fact, creating false case background, significant perjury by these attorneys and their clients and the list is infinite. Everything stated is evidence-based.


  2. Baker has engaged in so many cover-ups, it is sickening!! He absolutely knows Maxwell or his administration, told teachers to pass failing students. His years questionable consciousness, ethics and truths is over. I will help lead the cause of “Democrats for Hogan” before supporting his corrupt behind. I think the majority of the Republican party, has taken a drink of the cult Kool-Aide but if Baker is the lead Democrat and there is no Independent – Hogan, Hogan all the way! Its time to get all corrupt representatives out of our seats, Miller, Benson, Baker, Hoyer, Davis and Barnes to name a few!

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