BOE Member Dinora Hernandez, Esq., In major water as Juwan Blocker joins the 2018 race – as people’s choice – District 3


Mr. Juwan Blocker candidate for District 3 (in purple tie) standing next to Mr. Arun Puracken candidate for District 9.

We finally have a former student Board member familiar with the inner workings of power Running for Board of Education. This is the way to go Mr. Juwan Blocker. Education matters and it is the key to life. It should matter now more than ever.

Mr. Juwan Blocker’s school board campaign launch was more lit than some delegate, Senate, and Council campaign launches within the County.  More than 60 people showed up. There is lots of love and support from the community and the board members themselves starting with Mr. Edward Burroughs III and Ms. Raaheela Ahmed our “rebellious, fearless leaders”.

“You cannot expect Juwan Blocker to do everything. But please do what you can to help him along the way he’s a man on a mission, but he does need some help,” said  Barry O’Connell of the Maryland politics on Facebook. 

we encourage more teachers, youth leaders and others to step up to run for various political offices and lead the way forward in Maryland. This is one way to shake up the state and the county Leadership in order to make a difference in the future.

Candidates in 2018 races stand a great chance if they go door to door and create a revolutionary push for the county.

Nominate a Leader to be Featured in Education Matters

Do you know a leader in your community supporting our schools and making a difference in the lives of children both in and out of school? We are seeking nominations for individuals to be highlighted in our Leadership Spotlight segment. Nominees could be principals, superintendents, teachers, teacher assistants, guidance counselors, parents, students, business leaders, community volunteers, afterschool providers, and more.

Here are Some pictures from Juwan Blocker’s Campaign Kickoff/Fundraiser for PGCPS Board of Education on Thursday January 25th, 2018 event.


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