Change to Submitting Testimony for Education Subcommittee Hearings -Raises eyebrows.


Darryl Barnes, Maryland State Delegate has surprised many by requesting written testimony in advance.

In a rather surprising change of procedures within the Education subcommittee hearing under Maryland State Delegate Darryl Barnes, there has been a rather unusual change in procedures to submit written testimony ahead of bill hearings in Annapolis. In an email seen by Reform Sasscer Movement secretariat, (See below), testimony must be submitted by Thursday no later than 5:00pm. Mr. Barnes will then print out copies for each committee member and staff.

According to keen observers, this game man-ship  is meant to screen issues of public concern and identify whistle blowers hence to either cancel the hearing, or bar a participant or participants,  who may submit issues of public concern  they might not like  from testifying on the floor. Prince George’s County citizenry must reject this method ASAP by calling their elected officials or Mr. Barnes himself to recede  this questionable method. Any whistle blower will be identified and  the exercise is raising eyebrows at a time the county is under going a major change due to public corruption including widespread fraudulent scheme to raise the grades in Prince George’s County public schools.

Maryland State Delegate Darryl Banes replaced Delegate Valentino-Smith as the  new Chair of the Education Subcommittee last week. In an an email sent out to various stake holders on January 19th, 2018, Delegate Valentino-Smith stated that she had enjoyed chairing the first year of the Education Subcommittee and thanked all for your interest and involvement in these important matters. Today, Delegate Chair Walker announced the new organization of the Subcommittees for 2018.  Delegate Darryl Barnes has been named Chair of the Education  Subcommittee for the coming 2018 Session.

 In the past during Delegate Valentino-Smith tenure, the procedures were very simple. All one had to do was to sign in a sheet in the Committee Room for persons who wished to testify in support or opposed to a bill.  Written testimony was not required but if one was providing it, the rule was to bring in 9 copies for the Committee Members and staff.

With the new leadership of the committee, there appear to be an hidden card in the dark which many in the movement in the county are yet to clarify what it is being concealed. Any lack of transparency and proper accountability is not good to the public. Transparency is key to maintaining or regaining the public’s trust. Lack of transparency can have devastating effects that sometimes leave a permanent stain on any entity including the legislative branch or brand’s image. Brands or even members of the legislative branch cannot thrive without the public’s trust.

Compromising transparency to benefit an institution or a company’s bottom line may seem like a good idea in the moment, but the long-term damages can be significant.



All hearings will take place immediately after House Session on Fridays in the Prince George’s County Delegation Room (Room 150).  The delegation is anticipating a start time of 11:15 am – 11:30 am, depending on the length of the session. (See below)

January 26, 2018 ·         PG 505-18  – Equity in Education Act


PG 506-18  – Students with Disability Report (Angel)

·         PG 510-18 – Teachers and Administrators Child Protective

Services Investigation Findings


·         PG 513-18 – Telecommunications Transmission Facility on Public School Grounds – Public Hearing Notification   (Washington)

150 – Prince George’s County Delegation Room 11:30 am
February 2, 2018 ·         PG 507-18 – Election of Vice Chair and Voting Procedures (Walker)

·         PG 509-18 – Prince George’s County Board of Education – Governance


·         PG 511-18 – Academic Revitalization and Management Effectiveness Initiative – Repeal


150 – Prince George’s County Delegation Room 11:30 am
February 9, 2018 ·         PG 501-18 – Elementary School – Limit on Class Size (Walker)

·         PG 504-18 – Student Hearing and Vision Screenings – Reporting Requirements (Valentino-Smith)

·         PG 508-18 – PGCPS – Office of Inspector General – Establishment


150 – Prince George’s County Delegation Room 11:30 am
February 16, 2018 ·         PG-512-18 – School Overcrowding Reduction Act of 2018

(Sen. Rosapepe & Valentino-Smith)

150 – Prince George’s County Delegation Room 11:3


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