“Rushern Baker and Segun very dishonest family” Reports say.


Rushern Baker and Eubank Segun very dishonest family. (Photo and caption courtesy Mr. Edward Burroughs III

Listening to County Executive Baker, CEO Kevin Maxwell, and School Board Chair Segun Eubanks testifying on concern report on academic progress and improvement that was required by HB1107. The Hybrid law led the school system takeover by the county executive Baker III and his brother in law in order to benefit personally to the detriment of the wider population. Mr Baker contended there should be no changes during the hearing according the participants in the meeting.

He also presented that improving academic achievement was not a reason for the takeover of the schools. The report was to also come from the Board of Education. The School Board has not approved the report shown below. According to Board member Edward Borroughs III. There was no data presented that showed the current structure has improved student achievement despite widespread fraudulent reports to falsify outcomes.

The General Assembly must deliberate and determine whether the provisions of the legislation should be continued, modified, or terminated. If the General Assembly does not take action the Act remains in full effect. The issue is accountability and Mr. Baker made it clear he is the one to be held accountable. So it shall be done.



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