PGCPS Mom of girl with special needs fights Prince George’s Co. Schools

HYATTSVILLE, MD (WUSA9) – A Prince George’s County mother says she’s been fighting for years to get more teaching help for her daughter, who she believes has special needs.

Tracy Sherman said you don’t have to look far to see her daughter is struggling. She has failed tests, unexplained school exemptions, and spelling issues, which Sherman said isn’t normal for a kid heading into the 4th grade.

“Brown is ‘b-r-o-n’, jump rope is ‘j-u-m-m-p rope.’ This shouldn’t be happening in third grade,” said Sherman.

Her daughter Jaelynn has kidney disease and will soon get her tested for dyslexia.

“It’s very, very frustrating. You can see from here she clearly doesn’t know the information, but report card says she’s getting A’s, which says she knows the information. I think they are just trying to get me to go away,” said Sherman.

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She said it wasn’t until she got a lawyer that staff at Rosa Parks Elementary School gave her some of the accommodations she wanted. But she really wants an IEP, an Individualized Education Program, which would provide more specialized teaching.

Sherman said the school has provided more bathroom breaks and menus. It also offered Jaelynn class notes and access to a school psychologist once a month.

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The school system said they’ve tested Jaelynn on several occasions for special needs and she’s scored well and does not qualify.

Prince Georges’ County Public Schools sent us the following statement:

Qualified assessors examined the student. Other experts validated those results, which yielded no findings to qualify for special education services. The student qualifies for a 504 plan, which is what she has.

Via Wusa9


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