prince George’s Delegation Hearing schedule for Education Subcommittee 2018

general assemblyHearing schedule for Education Subcommittee 2018

The Prince George’s Education Subcommittee will meet immediately following the House Session on Fridays in Rm. 150 of the Lowe House Office Building, also known as the Prince George’s Delegation Room. Legislative session convenes at 11 am on Fridays and is usually brief for the first month. We expect Committee meetings to begin between 11:15 and 11:30 and adjourn by 1 p.m.

In light of the fact that these bills have been heard at the December 5th hearing in the County and the heavy schedule of the Committee, testimony to the Education Committee will be limited to two minutes per individual. There will be a sign in sheet in the Committee Room for persons who wish to testify in support or opposed to a bill. Written testimony is not required but if you are providing it, please bring 9 copies for the Committee Members and staff.

Hearing schedule for Education Subcommittee

Friday  January 12   – organizational meeting

Friday, January 19    PG 505-18  Equity in Education Act

PG 506-18  Students with Disability Report

PG 510-18  Teachers and Administrators Child Protective Services Investigation Findings

PG 513-18  Telecommunications Transmission Facility on Public     School Grounds –     Public Hearing Notification

Friday, January  26   PG 501-18 Elementary School – Limit on Class Size

PG 504-18 Student Hearing and Vision Screenings – Reporting    Requirements

PG 508-18 PGCPS – Office of Inspector General – Establishment

Friday, February 2    PG 507-18 Election of Vice Chair and Voting Procedures

PG 509-18 Prince George’s County Board of Education – Governance

PG 511-18  Academic Revitalization and Management Effectiveness Initiative – Repeal

 Friday, February 9    PG-512-18 School Overcrowding Reduction Act of 2018

Should you have questions, please feel free to email me at


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