A jury trial has begun in Federal court and will last 5 days. Please Make Plans to Attend.

greenbelt-federal-courtThere is a case which began in Federal Court at Greenbelt Maryland on December 5th, 2017 in Court Room 2B (See  Windsor v. Board of Education of Prince George’s County et al). The trial is expected to last five (5) days and is directed by Hon. Judge Theodore D. Chuang.

9:00 AM Trial Jury – Civil
Windsor v. Prince George’s County Board of Education
Courtroom: 2B


Board of Education for Prince George’s County, via the following acts, engaged in color discrimination of the Plaintiff Suzanne D. Windsor:

  1. Crossland High School Assistant Principal Stephanie Lyons engaged in verbal assaults of the Plaintiff that referenced her “red” complexion. Those assaults were brought to the attention of Defendant Janice Briscoe between 1994 and 1995 and Defendant Janice Briscoe took no action. As a result, the Plaintiff made a complaint to Superintendent John Deasy, which resulted in Defendant Janice Briscoe’s demotion.
  2. During the Summer of 2011, Defendant Janice Briscoe was placed in a supervisory capacity over the Plaintiff. During that summer, Defendant Janice Briscoe advertised the availability of five newly created hearing officer positions with the Office of Appeals but failed to apprise the Plaintiff of the availability of the positions in a meaningful fashion.
  3. In the school year of 2011-2012, Defendant Janice Briscoe demoted the Plaintiff by giving someone with less seniority the Plaintiff’s position. The Plaintiff was removed from Annapolis Road Academy and reassignment to Northwestern High School as a result of her seeking of assistance from the Union with regards to Janice Briscoe. Mr. Jones was also working at Northwestern High School, who the Plaintiff had previously conducted an investigation between August 2006 and November 2007. Mr. Jones began to harass the Plaintiff during her employment at Northwestern High School and Defendant Briscoe took no preventative measures
    to protect the Plaintiff despite being informed of Mr. Jones’ conduct and being fully aware of the history between Mr. Jones and the Plaintiff.
  4. Defendant Karyn Lynch was informed by the Plaintiff of both the history and conduct of Mr. Jones and Janice Briscoe and did not take any action to protect the Plaintiff
  5. Despite the Plaintiffs filing of a report with Ms. Elizabeth Davis regarding Ms. Lynch’s failure to address the conflict regarding Janice Briscoe and Mr. Jones, Ms. Elizabeth Davis indicated that she would take no action.

For those who have time, please attend the hearing to witness a jury trial as this is a problem throughout the Prince George’s county. Among the lead attorneys for the County is Mr. Roger Thomas. Esq who is a major driver of corruption in the county schools. We highlighted his story here in the last week.

  • Read the complaint here ~> Complaint
  • Read PLAINTIFF’S CAUSE OF ACTION MEMORANDUM ~> Issues to be addressed



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