PGCPS Board member Beverly Anderson resigned.


Dr. Beverly Anderson Former PGCPS Board of Education Member

In a letter released to the news media, It’s now clear that PGCPS Board member Beverly Anderson resigned her seat in protest after many months consulting widely including with the Prince George’s county Executive Rushern Baker III. Based on the letter attached below, the majority of Board members who stand in solidarity are the questionable ones and part of the systemic corruption, which is currently in progress at Upper Marlboro.

Dr. Anderson was a good leader. It is very sad for many of us who advocate for a better school system to see that she resigned her seat in protest. After reviewing the letter, her criticisms of the school board are legit and are issue based.

Let us hope the leadership at the Federal, State and County levels are listening to her concerns. We hope with this letter and many others we have shared in this blog is not going to be business as usual for the county.

See her letter here:


Systemic corruption impedes market development, drives away investment, and erodes the rule of law. Prevalent corruption can render a populace susceptible to demagogic political appeals, and de-legitimizes political leadership. In economic terms, corruption diverts investments and distorts markets – with the poor bearing the brunt of the negative economic impact. Consequently, improving governance and eliminating corrupt practices are the keys to improving business performance, establishing rule of law, and ensuring that democracy delivers for citizens.

We must pressure State and local law makers to pass and enforce laws which protect whistle blowers who call out foul play and corruption.


Dr. Beverly Anderson flagged by our County Executive Mr. Rushern L. Baker III during the initial swearing in ceremony as a board member in Upper Marlboro.


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