2018 Maryland Governor Technology Outreach Scorecards


Here is the summary page for candidates running for Governor in Maryland in 2018. We are posting links to the ongoing Technology Outreach Scorecards (expected to start in the late fall of 2017) and will be your one stop shop for all things Maryland Governor election related news and information…so be sure to check back often in our blogs. We are going to collaborate with other bloggers in Maryland to recommend the best candidate in the future election.

Read more >>> Candidate Filing requirements.

State Board of Elections Candidate List

Candidate Website  FaceBook  Twitter
Larry Hogan (R) http://www.larryhogan.com/ Facebook Twitter
Rushern Baker (D) http://rushernbaker.com/ Facebook Twitter
Ben Jealous (D) https://benjealous.com/ Facebook Twitter
Rich Madaleno (D) www.madalenoformaryland.com Facebook Twitter
Alec Ross (D) https://alecross.com/ Facebook Twitter
Raloh Jaffe (D) http://www.fedupwithcrookedpolitics.com/ Facebook
Shawn Quinn (L) http://www.citizen4quinn.org/ Facebook



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