Parents, teachers say fraud allegations at Prince George’s Co. schools are true

Capture_1497996021038_9867524_ver1.0PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY, MD. (WUSA9) – The head of Prince Georges County Public Schools is fighting back against accusations that the school system is corrupt.

CEO Dr. Kevin Maxwell says he and the school system were already cleared of one investigation looking into grade changing in order to boost graduation rates.

PREVIOUSClaims of corruption to boost graduation rates in Prince George’s Co.

However, parents and former teachers are reaching saying the allegations are true.

“She’s gotten C’s, D’s and E’s…but she’s getting all A’s and B’s on her report card,” said Prince George’s County mom Tracy Sherman said.

Sherman believes her daughter grades have been changed to benefit her school, at a time when accusations are swirling.

Maxwell released a second statement Monday, blaming a small group in the community and calling the accusations baseless. He also said that they “play to the worst suspicions about our school system, and disparage all of us.”

The CEO also released a never seen before investigation, where the school system was questioned about altering grades after someone called an anonymous hotline last July. Maxwell and the school system were cleared of all wrongdoing in January of this year.

County Board of Education members said they never knew about Maryland Department of Education investigation. They said they only wrote a letter to the governor after teachers, administrators, staff, parents and students came to them saying since 2014 hundreds of students were pushed through to graduation by fraud and manipulation.

They released their own statement Tuesday, saying when “you see that something is not right, you speak up.”



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