PGCPS System board members demand apology after graduation incident

School Board Pic4UPPER MARLBORO. MD (WUSA9) – Four of Prince George’s County’s Board of Education Members are demanding a public apology from school system CEO Dr. Kevin Maxwell for incidents at recent graduation ceremonies where administrators cut a microphone to prevent student leaders from speaking and threatened to arrest a dissident board of education member.

Board members Raheela Ahmed, Beverly Anderson, David Murray and student board representative Juwan Blocker issued a letter to Maxwell Monday calling the actions of administrators “shocking and appalling.”

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The letter accuses school system Deputy Superintendent Dr. Monigue Davis of “traumatizing” two Oxon Hill High School student government leaders during graduation ceremonies and overstepping her authority by stopping the students and dissident Board of Education member Ed Burroughs from speaking.

Burroughs was threatened with arrest the following day when he tried to take a customary place on the graduation stage for Potomac High School, which is in a district he represents.

The board members lay blame on school system CEO Dr. Kevin Maxwell saying school officials “acted under your order and direction,” in shutting down Burroughs, who is a reformer frequently at odds with Maxwell’s administration.

“We were insulted by the threat of Mr. Burroughs being arrested if he proceeded to join his peer on the platform,” the board members wrote. “Using armed police to discipline an elected official is unprecedented, excessive and unwarranted. ”

The board members added: “We will not tolerate injustice to one of our board members by our system’s chief executive officer or any of his designees.”
PGCPS spokesperson Raven Hill did not have an immediate response to the letter, which was sent Monday afternoon.

Dr. Monique Davis is the school’s deputy superintendent


Dr.Kevin Maxwell is Said to have ordered police to arrest School Board Member Edward Burroughs III.

Watch raw video from Prince George’s County Board of Education member Edward Burroughs III as he is prevented from sitting on the stage at a graduation ceremony in his district by school security and police officers.

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