Board of Education Meeting 4/25/17

At 44:00. District Heights ES — A Parent gave very emotional testimony about chemicals released within the District Heights Elementary school. It is not a safe environment. Contractors walking in and out without badges who don’t sign in and just walk through the building. The children need to be moved until the work is done. The chemicals released today were harmful. The parent and her children had headaches. Other children feeling sick. 40% of the teachers weren’t there because they are sick. It is not safe for the children to be in that building. The children are there to get an education and not to get sick or die. The band-aids are fine, but get the children out while the rest of the work is done. They need help and they need the Board to do something.


At 53:41. Tayac Elementary School — School has poor leadership and needs new leadership due to hostile work environment. Speaker’s son had brain concussion and asthma attack due to incident at school. Her child was also told he cannot go to the bathroom when he needs to. Hostile and unsafe environment. There is no school nurse b/c they have “no budget for one.”  School and its budget needs to be investigated.image1.jpg

At 56:24. Local 2250: Support Your Support System — Shirley Kirkland, President of Local 2250 (6,000 members) spoke. PGCPS is exposing children and staff to life-threatening pollutants. Children and staff have a right to be in a safe environment. Facilities need to be inspected. Schools particularly inside the beltway have these issues. She also asked if Agenda Items 6.1- 6.14 include no mention of the amount of wage increases and whether it should it be included.


At 1:10:24. Board Member Blocker — [was cut off shortly after he started his comment] thanked parent for coming out and bringing attention to the issue at District Heights Elementary school.

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