Petition to Tell Dr. Maxwell To Restore Funding For Advanced Placement Launched


Parkdale High School senior Juwan Blocker was sworn in Wednesday August 10,2016 as student member of the Prince George’s County Board of Education. Since his election to the board, he has shown leadership by advocating for what is right for students and families.

A petition requesting Dr. Kevin Maxwell to restore funding for advanced placement has been launched by student Board of Education Member Parkdale High School senior Juwan Blocker. Community is urged to sign it in order to get to the bottom of the issues. Reform Sasscer Movement is also requesting an investigation of attorneys who have been paid off by PGCPS School District in order to cover up wrongdoing within the school District after employees reported problems about the head start problems to the school district officials way back in 2009.

The school district officials and others connected to the school system are using tax payer money to influence the judicial system in a scheme to defeat justice in Maryland to the detriment of many citizenry in the Prince George’s County. Sign Juwan Blocker‘s petition.


Dr. Kevin Maxwell is accused of cover ups of several serious issues within the District ever since he became the CEO and he is not leading the county schools in the right directions.

The Petition states:

Dear Prince George’s County Public Schools parents, students, and community members,

My name is Juwan Blocker and I am the Student Member of The Prince George’s County Public School Board, representing all PGPCS Students. I would like to inform you of the alarming changes to the way that our county will pay for the Advance Placement test for students enrolled in AP classes. Advance Placement was designed by the College Board to better prepare students to be successful in college by exposing them to college level work in high school. Throughout the year, these courses prepare students to take an end of the year exam for potential college level credit.

The county school system has covered the cost of the exam ($93.00) per exam for all enrolled students for years, but a recent letter sent out to schools from Dr. Maxwell’s Administration has suddenly changed this. The letter states that due to lack of funding, the county would ONLY pay for the exam if the student participates in the Free and Reduce Lunch Program. This change means that every student in AP that is not in the Free and Reduce Lunch program will have to pay $93.00 per exam.

There are several problems and concerns with this sudden change.

1. Students and Parents were not informed of this change prior to signing up for AP courses.

2. There are still parents, students, and teachers who are not informed of this mater.

3. There is a large amount of Advance Placement students who take two or more Advance Placement courses. Two courses alone will cost $186. If a parent has two students enrolled in Advance Placement and both of them take two Advance placement courses a piece, then the price would cost $372.

4. Where did the money that originally covered the cost of Advance Placement for ALL students go?

5. Why are people now being informed about this change during the middle of the school year?

6. What else in our budget could have been cut before determining to cut funding for a program that gives our children the opportunity to be exposed to college level work and take a college exam for possible college credit?

The reality is that if our county stops paying for the Advance placement exams for ALL of our students, then students will be less inclined to take AP because of the financial burden of the AP exam at the end of each year. If the number of students taking AP classes declines, then we will not be meeting the part of our vision which states that The Prince George’s County Public School Systems vision is we will be a GREAT school system recognized for providing education services, which ensure that every student in our diverse school district graduates for college and careers in a global society.

I am going to work very hard to ensure that our students and parents won’t have to deal with this financial burden, but I need YOUR help! I ask that you please sign this petition in support of keeping this burden off of the backs of our children and parents.

Juwan Blocker,

Student Member of The Prince George’s County Board of Education


Kevin M. Maxwell, chief executive officer of Prince George’s County Public Schools, visited schools on the first day of classes, Aug. 23, and ate lunch with students at Suitland High School. (Marvin Joseph/The Washington Post)

Students, Teachers, Parents, Community Leaders: WE NEED YOUR HELP!




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