Insurance Scam in Maryland involves union members for car coverage.

THIS IS A CALL FOR ACTION CalCas logo Stacked Color (2)

The company above appear involved in a malicious scam involving the illegal termination of costumer’s car insurances, mostly affecting union members in Maryland and other states. They usually undergo these terminations without warning the customer but more so, it is done in a discriminatory manner. The company recently failed to reimburse car rental fees as agreed after an accident was caused by another driver from another insurance company who was at fault.

The California casualty indemnity exchange (“California casualty”) uses false advertising to lure unsuspecting union members in their corner. Once they sign up, the company finds a way to entrap their customers into paying high fees. Most customers affected by these illegal activities involve union members (mostly teachers and other staff members associated with education) who end up paying high fees to their detriment. Something needs to be done to stop their illegal behavior throughout the country involving thousands of employees.

In a recent incident, California casualty and it’s agents were caught being involved in a bribery situation wherein they had documents filed within the court altered on several occasions so that they could win a case. The company works closely with the collection agency (Marsden & Seledee LLC) which only got their collection license after they got sued in Federal court. All this while, Marsden & Seledee LLC never obtained a license which is considered illegal in Maryland. Therefore, both companies are engaged in malicious activities including interference with public officials in Maryland in order to get a favorable outcome of any issue they have to the detriment of many.  These violations  are still ongoing.

Unionizing significantly changes the workplace in addition to its effects on wages or jobs. Employers are prohibited from negotiating directly with unionized employees. Certified unions become employees’ exclusive collective bargaining representatives. All discussions about pay, performance, promotions, or any other working conditions must occur between the union and the employer. An employer may not change working conditions–including raising salaries–without negotiations.

As we have seen in the last few years, Unionized employers must pay thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees and spend months negotiating before making any changes in the workplace. Unionized counties as such Prince George’s County often avoid making changes because the benefits are not worth the time and cost of negotiations. Both of these effects make unionized businesses less flexible and less competitive and affects the union members.

If you know of anyone or someone who is a victim of their illegal behavior mentioned here, please email us at Any teacher or staff member enrolled with them is asked to think of their membership and enroll with much cheaper insurance companies for the same services or even better. After switching to Gaico for example, expect to save money on your premium or any other reliable insurance company which is more affordable.

Stay tuned with this exposé, as we highlight their illegal activities involving white collar issues and an illegal agenda in Maryland and elsewhere around the United States.



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