Where is the accountability in Governance in PGCPS?


CEO Dr. Kevin Maxwell has not acted with honor after he engaged in cover ups to hide questionable activity within the county school system.  The high salary he has been awarded and bonuses only for the county schools to turn out last in Maryland after the test, is not justified.  Dr. Maxwell has also been discriminatory while settling grievances in the county. A leader who discriminates and driven by a malicious agenda can never lead successfully. 

Every citizen should have the desire to make his or her government accountable!

After all,  the monies the local and National government spends belong to the “people” and it is the will of the people that put that government into power. With that in mind, the government that is elected by the “people” must work in the best interest of entire nation, not in their own interest or the interest of select few as we have witnessed here in Prince George’s County.  The government that discriminates against it’s subjects has no business being in power and must be voted out.

Recently, with budget surpluses on the horizon, Democrat lawmakers have of late been urging Maryland Governor Hogan to release the $68 million in GCEI education funds he withheld in May 2015. They say, the money should go to high-cost school districts, with the lion’s share going to Prince George’s, Montgomery, and Baltimore Counties and Baltimore City. (Washington Post). We understand the situations in Montgomery county and Baltimore city after a large number of kids showed up in those districts fleeing Prince George’s County. The question now is, where is the accountability we advocated for Rushern Baker and others in the regime to implement? Where is the accountability and an inspector general to stop the corrupt politicians from invading the students reserve fund? We must demand for accountability to stop what has happened on several occasions since 2013 after CEO Kevin Maxwell was selected behind the scenes without transparency. Impunity must not be tolerated any longer. The perpetrators must be brought to book without much delay here in Prince George’s County and elsewhere.

On this note,  Governor Hogan and Comptroller Franchot expressed frustration with Maryland’s spending on school construction, at a Board of Public Works meeting this last Wednesday. “We can’t just keep shoveling more and more money without accountability,” Hogan said. “The taxpayers are getting pretty frustrated with the results.”

Read more >>>(Maryland Reporter).


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