Family Files $10M Lawsuit After 9-Year-Old Daughter Attacked on School Bus


A 9-year-old girl says she’s afraid to go back to school or ride the bus after she was attacked by a classmate as their bus left Highland Park Elementary School in Landover, Maryland.

Saraia Collins hasn’t returned to school since the beating May.

“She is scared to go back to school, and I’m not sure how it is that they compensate her for that,” attorney Brian McDaniel said. “She’s scared to have interaction with other students. I’m not sure how they compensate her for that.”

Wednesday, her family filed a $10 million lawsuit against Prince George’s County, the school system, the administration of her school and the bus driver.

“The bus driver continued to drive,” McDaniel said. “He did not stop. He did not make sure that Saraia was OK. In essence, he just allowed the attack to take place.”

Tierra Holland, Saraia’s mother, said the bullying was an ongoing issue previously reported to school administrators.

“It’s not about the money for us,” Holland said. “We are not suing for money. We’re worried about Prince George’s County Public Schools acknowledging bullying going on in her school.”

School and county officials said they could not comment on the pending litigation but said the driver is on leave.

Via NBC4


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  1. I reported grade tampering at the end of last school year and the beginning of this school year. My daughters fourth-grade teacher was deliberately lowering her grades. After reporting it my daughter began being bullied by students that were former friends of hers and by teachers and administration. We reported this first quarter to Dr. Maxwell’s office In the complaint was ignored. There are several more layers to this story involving threats of rape, Attorney correspondence etc. but the moral of the story is that the county’s bullying policy is a joke… The principal has lied in official documents, Staff has tried to cover up misconduct, The great tampering has been proven that the teacher is still there, Nothing was ever done about the students who are pulling my daughter, My rights as a parent have been violated by administration denying my request for meetings, and so on. As a single mother my daughter and I felt very alone and helpless throughout this whole year battling this. I am determined and highly motivated to join any effort to fight corruption in PG County/ the state of MD.


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