Lake Tanganyika

Beautiful planet Earth


Lake Tanganyika is an African Great Lake. It is estimated to be the second largest freshwater lake in the world by volume, and the second deepest, in both cases, after only Lake Baikal in Siberia; it is also the world’s longest freshwater lake. The lake is divided among four countries – TanzaniaDemocratic Republic of the CongoBurundi, and Zambia, with Tanzania (46%) and DRC (40%) possessing the majority of the lake. The water flows into the Congo River system and ultimately into the Atlantic Ocean.

Over millions of years, the lake has given life to the plants and animals of the region. Around 100,000 years ago, this also became the “Cradle of Mankind” near the center of the Great Rift Valley from where Homo sapiens colonized our world.

The lake has also been the focus of conflict; between tribes, colonial powers and, more recently, between regional warlords.

Today, Lake Tanganyika is at the center of the most fundamental crisis of all –mankind’s future on the planet. Its basin is rich in natural resources like oil and minerals and contains hundreds of unique species, along with nearly 20 percent of the world’s available fresh water. For all these reasons, the lake is fast emerging as one of the most strategically significant places on Earth.

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