Brawl breaks out among students at Fairmont Heights High School



A massive fight broke out at Fairmont Heights High School in Capitol Heights Thursday afternoon and students we spoke with say this isn’t the first time the violence has gotten out of control.

Neighbors and students for the most part did not want to speak on camera, but they did say there is a “fight culture” at the high school.

One neighbor even told us on numerous occasions she has seen students running away from the fights virtually unclothed.

On Thursday, it seems another fight took place as classes were dismissed.

For mere seconds, two Fairmont Heights students threw punches at each other before more girls joined in on the fight.

There are numerous videos of the very same fight that took place roughly past 3 p.m. Thursday on school property along the bus line, according to students.

The fight garnered the attention of dozens of students who stood by as several high school girls tugged at their hair and continued to throw jabs at each other.

Students tell FOX 5 the brawl went on for nearly ten minutes before any adult on campus ever stepped in.

Steve Missouri grew up directly across the street and also graduated from the school in Capitol Heights.

He is surprised at how out hand these fights have gotten. Even with security cameras hovering over the campus, it seems like the response by security was severely delayed.

“I don’t understand it because from my understanding of the school system, they are supposed to have police officers and security personnel in the school for the safety and wellbeing of staff, students and visitors,” said Missouri.

Prince George’s County Public Schools issued a statement saying: “Prince George’s County Public Schools confirms an altercation between students at Fairmont Heights High School. PGCPS does not condone this type of behavior. Security Officers are investigating this incident. Appropriate disciplinary action will be taken for students involved in the altercation. The safety of students is a top priority at PGCPS.”

Police tell us they are not aware of any arrest being made from the incident.

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  1. This violence requires an incredible effort on the part of the school system. Instead of tackling these issues head on, they are putting millions into iPads and technology. WiFi will not fix this. Why is money being prioritized in such a way?


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