Say “NO” to – HOUSE BILL 597 – Outdoor Synthetic Turf Fields.

It appears that the Outdoor Synthetic Turf Fields bill will be discussed by the County Affairs committee of the Prince George’s Delegation this morning March 11, 2015  at 9:00 am.
        Now seems to be the time to STRONGLY oppose this bill. After documenting various concerns, even Kentucky has seen the light. They admitted an error and have pulled their Outdoor Synthetic Turf Fields and stopped public funding for these toxic fields after investing in them heavily for many years. Previously New York City and Los Angeles schools did invest in them blindly. Many other places are raising concerns after witnessing concerns as well.
The following are on the County Affairs committee:
Chair Delegate Carolyn J.B. Howard
Vice-Chair Delegate Diana Fennell
Members Delegate Ben Barnes
Delegate Darryl Barnes
Delegate Anne Healey
Delegate James E. Proctor Jr.
Delegate Jimmy Tarlau
Please call or email opposition to them in addition to other elected officials. Tell them to back down and stay transparent.

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