Ardmore Elementary School parent raises concern over drinking water, asbestos

…at school board meeting



The father of two students at Ardmore Elementary School in Springdale voiced his concerns Thursday before the Prince George’s County School Board.

Keith Olive gave public comments about the concerns over lead in the drinking water.

FOX 5 obtained a report last month stating nine drinking fountains were taken out of service as well as five sink features.

Olive says there are broken tiles throughout the school that trouble him as well — tiles that are made of asbestos.

Following the school board meeting, Associate Superintendent Denise Greene told FOX 5 all of the tile work was completed over winter break.

As for the drinking water, officials say Ardmore Elementary is part of a multi-phase lead remediation program implemented by Prince George’s County Public Schools in 2004. They say bottled water will continue to be provided until necessary repairs are made.

The principal is hosting a meeting at the school to address concerns from parents on Monday, January 12.


Other parents who have raised concerns include Ms. Beverly Thomas (left) who would like to see improvements and repairs made to Ardmore Elementary School in Springdale, where her son, Julian Thomas, 11, (right) is in the sixth grade. Picture Greg Dohler/The Gazette >>> See previous coverage here. 





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