Happy New Year!


Writing on the last day of the year obviously opens up choices.  As indicated in the past, one can either look back to the year just ending, or look forward to the agenda ahead.

The present and future are always informed by the past; therefore priorities one may wish to set for 2015 will be shaped largely by the events and experiences of the preceding period.

History is full of nations and counties that once realized they were on the decline then embarked on deliberate efforts at re-engineering, rediscovery and redesign to emerge on top again.

History is also full of nations and counties that embraced denial and a false sense of greatness as permanent companions and ended down and out, overtaken by those they once held in scorn and low esteem.

It is our hope, dream, and prayer that in 2015, hand in hand, as civil society in Maryland, Opposition in Prince George’s County, Government and citizens, we can walk together to make Prince George’s County and Maryland one state that redesigned and re-engineered itself and found its path back to greatness out of terrifying challenges. We express this hope and hold fast to this dream well aware that we begin 2015 almost exactly where we were at this time in 2014.

Our biggest wish for the coming year is that we will do away with impunity and break the corruption chain.

Here we are not talking just about the impunity that places those in positions of leadership above the law and gives them license to rob, loot, rape and plunder our national and county coffers.

We have in mind a more insidious culture of impunity that afflicts not just the political leaders, but the general citizenry.

We are all guilty of impunity, or aiding and abetting impunity by remaining silent about the crimes all around us.

As motorists, we speed, jump traffic lights, and overtake dangerously.

We accept that motorbike, taxis, buses etc can operate in violation of all traffic laws.

We turn a blind eye to drunk-driving and make noise when police try to enforce the law.

And we buy immunity for our silent when we allow a culture of impunity to continue, pillaging leaders on the mere basis that we elected them.

We can look ahead into the new biennium with confidence, hope and resilience. We know that there are vast problems ahead: intractable poverty, fragile international security; and the certainty of unexpected outbreaks of disease. But we also know that we have the right resources to meet those challenges heads on.

Thank you for all your hard work and engagement for the future in our blog. We wish you all the very best for the new year ahead. May we jointly embark on efforts to make the counties in our respective countries and states belong in the first category of the world many years to come!

God Bless you indeed in this new year.

Welcome 2015!



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