Prince George’s BOE race is still deadlocked after absentee ballots counted.


Amber Waller

According to Washington Post and Gazette News papers,  A race for a seat on the Prince George’s County Board of Education continues to be too close to call.

Election officials said Friday that Dinora Hernandez, who challenged incumbent Amber Waller for the District 3 seat, gained one vote after the first round of absentee ballots were counted on Thursday.


Dinora Hernandez

Hernandez leads Waller by 115 votes. On election night, there was just seven votes separating the two. Since then the numbers have been updated, and Hernandez had 114 more votes.

Alisha Alexander, the election administrator, said Hernandez received 136 votes and Waller got 135 after the absentee ballots were added.

She said there are 400 provisional ballots that will be counted on Wednesday, and another round of absentee ballots that are postmarked by Nov. 4  2014 are still coming in from across the county. It is unclear how many more absentee ballots are from District 3, which includes Adelphi, Hyattsville and University Park. Those ballots will be counted next Friday.

 “Next Friday we will have the actual count,” Alexander said.

Waller, who is seeking her third term on the board, said this week that she is just waiting on the final returns. “I can’t do anything now but see what happens,” she said.

Waller’s race is the only one that remains undecided.

Incumbents Carolyn Boston (District 6) and Sonya Williams (District 9) defeated their challengers. Lupi Grady, who was enlisted by County Executive Rushern L. Baker III (D) to run, defeated Peggy Higgins (District 2).


Elections are a key democratic exercise, one where the media can have both positive and negative impacts. As societies become more modernized and the media become ever more pervasive, the influence of traditional patrons, parties and institutions (like churches) on the electoral process is diminished. Instead, candidates and parties make their appeal and propagate their messages through the media. This is one reason why election campaigns in many countries are now much more expensive: The cost of television and newspaper advertising is huge and now accounts for a substantial chunk of campaign costs. Well-funded candidates often have a better chance of being voted into office simply because they can buy air time and newspaper space. In some countries, candidates also bribe journalists and editors who endorse their candidacies in various ways.

In this regard, many of us in the Reform Sasscer Movement for Prince George’s County do not like Rushern Baker’s approach to governance of the Prince George’s county and the way he has handled the take over of schools plus the elections this year. We might not have all the facts on were Ms. Amber Waller stands on all the issues especially discrimination and retaliation given high number of employees have suffered under her watch. Nevertheless, like any human beings,  We do not like the way the process to remove her from power has been conducted and neither do we condone how the rest of the Board members irrespective of what they did were handled to present only members in agreement with Mr. Baker. Above all, we do not like the way Mr. Baker has been handling affairs in Circuit Court for Prince George’s County by manipulating cases in order to defeat justice there.

As if that was not enough, he got part of the school board for his own people.  On another development, Mr. Baker again had the Democratic central Committee endorse some democratic candidates over others which is tantamount to discrimination and retaliation to those who opposed his wicked ideas. Mr. Rushern Baker III then tried to change the rules in order to get another term by imposing question J with the help of corrupt Unions operating in Prince George’s County. There has been reports from witnesses that “appearance of impropriety” during the Democratic central committee endorsement was all over the place. In any case, the bid to prolong corrupt tenure backfired badly and went awry affecting Lt. Governor Brown’s chances to be the next Governor for Maryland. He lost the election on November 4th to Republican Larry Hogan who adopted our message for change and won!

Washington Post refused to see our view and Editorial Board endorsed Rushern Baker III blindly on Question J and other issues two days before elections which was very suspicious.  Many of us are done with Baker and his corrupt machinery out to wreck people’s lives in Prince George’s County. We plan to work closely with Lawmakers and the new administration in Annapolis to stop the corrupt culture currently in progress under Rushern Baker regime…. At the moment, Prince George’s County is the epicenter of corruption in the whole of Maryland.

Finally, Democracy cannot thrive in countries that are in the grip of violence and strife. Ideally, democracy should provide warring groups mechanisms for mediation, representation and voice so that they can settle their differences peacefully. If it is constantly challenged by violence and dissension, the fabric of democracy will become frayed. All of us should stay alert and keep an eye on what happens in the above case involving Amber Waller and Dinora Hernandez.  A truly democratic society requires citizen participation. If they do their jobs well, the media keep citizens engaged in the business of governance and prompt them to take action.  As a tool for information dissemination, the media aid the public in making informed choices, such as whom to vote for and which policies should be endorsed and which, opposed.

By the time of going to the press, we reached out to both candidates for their comments concerning these issues but we had not gotten a response yet.  Out of the two, whoever wins, we want them to win fairly and not through rigged electoral system. We live in a modern world, let us guard what we already have. Otherwise, let us expect a fair process always and question the status quo if we see any signs of injustice and manipulation.



union corruption around the world has become a major problem for workers and especially in Prince George’s County District in particular where County Executive Mr. Rushern Baker III has turned them into pig banks starting with ASASP Union, PGCEA, MSEA, ACE- AFSCME Local 2250 and others . >>> Read more ~ Big losses for the Labor Unions in Election 2014.


Rushern Baker - Appears to be driving corruption to new heights

Rushern Baker III – Appears to be driving corruption to new heights


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  1. I’m disappointed with this blog. This information should have been shared before the election not after. Baker didn’t have to appoint to control the Board. Just hand pick and endorse who he wants to win.


    • We shared a lot of information and educated a lot of people on various areas including questions on the ballot. We defeated Baker on question J of which we will remain greatful on behalf of the citizens of Prince Georges county. We Chose to remain neutral on the school Board races but also stated our positions on how We felt about Mr. Baker and the 2014 election cycle. We plan to continue being fair and razor Sharp whenever We see injustice in the World and especially in Prince George county.This is our mandate.


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