President of Prince George’s NAACP branch demands Largo principal resign or be fired.


President Bob Ross NAACP Prince George’s County.

The president of the Prince George’s County branch of the NAACP is demanding that a high school principal who has been accused of harassing and bullying former employees resign or be terminated.

Bob Ross said he is joining county council member Mary A. Lehman (D-Laurel) in calling for Largo High School principal Angelique Simpson-Marcus to be removed as head of the 1,100-student school.

In the past month, one discrimination case involving Simpson-Marcus’s alleged ill treatment toward employees went to trial and resulted in a $350,000 jury award. The school board recently reached an undisclosed out-of-court settlement in a second discrimination case.

“It’s time for her to go,” Ross said. “For the good of the system, it would be better for her to resign. . . . You can’t have a workplace where you are discriminating [against] employees, whether black or white.”

Jon Everhart, who won the $350,000 award, alleged that Simpson-Marcus, who was working as a physical education teacher at the Largo school in 2003, told students that “the only reason a white man teaches in P.G. County is that they can’t get a job elsewhere.” He filed a discrimination claim against Simpson-Marcus to the teachers’ union. He said she then targeted him, telling him if she ever became principal, he would be the first person she would fire. >>> Read more Washington Post




According to a former Human Resources officer for Prince George’s County Public Schools, “Maxwell’s practice of promoting and hiring people based upon nepotism, professional misconduct and cronyism is really working out”. He said recently in the blogs. “If you are a woman or a man you better be married or related to a politician ie Monique Davis, the head of Special education and Shauna Garlington Battle, Esq the head of legal issues.” Otherwise Maxwell has no use for you as a woman or man it appears.

The former Human resources officer further stated, “I was one of the people in HR whose positions were eliminated. My wife and I are not related to a politician so I was shown the door. Robert Gaskin his wife and granddaughter are all in Human Resources – just like Mr. & Mrs. White….until actual crimes are committed the Washington Post pays no attention. It took a $350,000 judgment and blatant racism to wake the Washington Post up.” He concluded.

When the chief financial officer is found by the state to have committed insurance FRAUD, you do not put him on pay leave, you fire him on the spot and then let him go through the due process if he likes it. When his wife, Keisha, is also found guilty of insurance FRAUD, you fire her too right on the spot to set an example and let her go through the same due process like everybody else. If they so wish! The wife to the Chief Financial Officer reports to Mr. Eubanks who is Brother in Law to Rushern Baker and is the Board chair. The Chief Financial Officer reports to Dr. Kevin Maxwell who in turn reports to Mr. Rushern Baker and Mr. Eubanks. Clearly, there is something wrong with that picture!

There is no doubt that, Maxwell and all his cronies are having a banner week. The mishandling of all the cases in Federal, State courts involving previous employees and the millions spent defending them after the Thatcher Law firm bribed the attorneys is not fair to the rule of law in Maryland and the United States. There is no question the jury heard more than one perception when the trial was going on in the case involving Mr. Jon Everhart. Didn’t Dr. Kevin Maxwell pick Dr. White as chief financial officer after he had just paid the fine for his fraud but now sits home on full pay with his co fraud wife? Isn’t this a repeat of what Dr. William Hite Jr did when he hired and promoted Ms. Synthia Shillings after she beat up a Maryland State trooper?

Many of us are astonished by Prince George’s County by praising Angelique Simpson-Marcus . What do they mean his work performance is good…sounds like the same logic that’s keeping Simpson Marcus at the helm of Largo High School. “An effective leader” is what the PGCPS spokesperson used to describe her…also a person found in a Federal Court to discriminate, harass, retaliate, and bully her staff (at least one so far, the other case got settled on Tuesday of this week under seal), more cases to come against her and other administrators in the county!

Where are you Mr. Baker when the real moral and ethical issues rear their ugly head? Nowhere to be found.

Where are you Mr. Mel Franklin, chair of the county council, former Human Relations Commissioner? Nowhere to be found.

Where are you Dr. Maxwell, the multicultural person who used to be the principal at Northwestern High school, you with the PhD in educational policy? So far nowhere to be found on these very important issues for all the residents and staff of PGCPS District.

Thank goodness for the people in Prince Georges County like Mr. Bob Ross and Council member Mary A. Lehman (D-Laurel). Only when people in the majority black community call for an end to cronyism, corruption, Nepotism, professional misconduct, incompetence and discrimination will the reputation of the Prince George’s County improve.

According to the opinions received in the blogs, these reports are now exposing the back door deals all the way to County Council President, not new at all and a legendary practice in Prince George’s County. Maxwell backed away from Jack Johnson when Johnson hit the skids, then became the puppet for Baker. Who Maxwell brought with him to his newly appointed position were BDDs and they removed, transferred or dismissed many competent, successful, personnel to put his puppets in place whether they were skilled or not — just pay back. Politics and education have never mixed and this mess is the result. Nothing about any of it speaks to educating students. Ones who were about educating students had their lives put into upheaval, chaos and commotion, sadness. Like so many dedicated teachers, they just readjusted and moved on to do the noble jobs they were put on earth to do. For them it is not about the money but, the success of every child they are humbled to teach or with whom to work. All of it has been the talk of the Sasscer building since it began. This stinks, stinks to the high heavens but, the good news is it has been exposed, the emperor has no clothes. For anyone who thought that Maxwell accepted this position to dedicate his life to students is badly mistaken, it is all about the million dollar contract (with added perks) that he received. Anyone who has spent anytime with him knows he is shallow and knows little about instruction or curriculum. Educate yourselves about PG, Google names, places and you will find the pieces of the puzzle falling into place. All the participants have a history, hence the Good Ole Boy system still lives.

There is no turning back. We all have a responsibility to make this world a better place. Unless we react, anyone else under their care could be a victim next.  There is no doubt in our minds this is corruption at best.

Time to hold our leaders to account for doing the right thing. Mr. White, his wife, Simpson Marcus, Monica Goldson, Thatcher Law Firm, James Fisher, Shani Whisonant in the legal department, ASASP Union President Dwayne Jones need to be fired immediately!!! What are we waiting for, picket signs in front of Laurel, Largo High Schools and the Sasscer Building? It’s time!

Read more >>>>Call your Elected Officials now and the Media.



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