STOP Cell Towers from being erected on Prince George’s County School property!!!!

The Prince George’s County Community says NO to CELL TOWERS.


Dr. Maxwell and Mr. Rushern Baker -County Executive

Prince George’s County parents in collaboration with Bowie parents are concerned that the Prince George’s County Public School Board of Education is ignoring children’s health by putting kids at increased risk of cancer.

Cell towers are being erected on public school property throughout Prince George’s County, Maryland. (We previously reported this issue in our blog).  The Prince George’s County Public School Board has contracted with Milestone Communications to construct cell towers at 73 school properties.

 We believe this issue deserve proper investigation and a proper public airing in Prince George’s County. Residents and parents are concerned about safety issues, continuous corruption, property value devaluation, and long term health risks. Many community members feel they were not appropriately notified. Many parents had no idea of these plans when the previous Board led by Verjeana Jacobs and Dr. William Hite Jr conspired to make money from the cell Towers at the expense of the Prince George’s County community. Since that time, County Executive Baker, Dr. Maxwell and Dr. Segun have picked up the torch of corruption and are busy running with it. 

We are calling for cancellation of  ALL cell-tower contracts and the halting of all construction of cell-towers at all Prince Georges’ County public school properties.

 Please join us in telling the Prince George’s County Public Schools Board of Education and our elected officials that we are not willing to risk the health of our children and that we do NOT want cell towers at or near our schools and the corruption must be stopped immediately within the county. To see the the list of schools that the Board of Education has made available for cell towers, please follow this link:

Also you can see a full list of schools also by going to and sign the petition

Demand an end to this corruption and the madness currently in progress within the prince George’s County under Rushern Baker regime. >>>>Read more Gazzette





Segun Eubanks – Laughing all the way to the Bank at the expense of the community.



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