We try to point out the faults in the regime because we want it to succeed

In Summary

•We have a real corruption and security crisis, despite all the denials and the name-calling. Even the county Executive’s personal security has been expensively upgraded as the rest of us sort ourselves out.

•We have been told lies about this HB1107 “skunk,” which now marks this regime. We know from Moody, the rating agency, that our credit rating wouldn’t have been affected for almost refusing to pay because of all the foreclosures.


Mr. Rushern Baker

It is amusing when die-hard supporters of the County Executive Mr. Rushern Baker regime get all vitriolic against criticisms of the actions and omissions of the regime. And often, rather than considering the message, they focus on the messenger. This is what County Executive Mr. Rushern Baker regime has been doing lately.

The most common attack is that critics are lackeys of some other powers within the state or some other forein power. How patronising! It assumes that Prince George’s County citizens can’t think for themselves and only do what they are told.

So let us say it loud and clear: Prince George’s County citizens need this regime to succeed and to stop the corruption, nepotism and professional misconduct. One need not like or support it. Its successes, or failures, will affect all Prince Georgenians, not just its die-hard supporters.

All Prince Georgenians — critics and sycophants alike — want to live in a secure environment, where Malfeasance, corruption, nepotism and other vices are managed and contained well.

Prince George’s County is not unique as a target for corruption, nepotism and of late terrorist attacks. But the management and handling of corruption is so bad that we are losing confidence in the county and the Maryland state’s ability to protect us from corruption.

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So when they try outdated racial profiling as a solution, we become less secure. We wonder why the Rushern Baker regime spend so much of the massive (and almost unaccountable) snow removal budget rather than working to prevent corruption, etc.

The job of the County police and others in the office of the attorney general should not be monitoring of dissent. It should be on real violent threats that affect Prince George’s County citizens and Marylanders in general, not the regime!

We have a real corruption and security crisis in Prince George’s County, despite all the name-calling. Even the County Executive’s personal security has been expensively upgraded as the rest of us sort ourselves out.

But to resolve this crisis needs creative and tough approaches that address both the architecture and software of our security systems and the way the county is managed. The Local Circuit Court needs to be left alone to do what is right for the citizens and any corruption involving men and women of the bench needs to be dwelt with heads on by the law enforcement community.

As we prepare to elect new leaders in 2014 election cycle, the key is the public and transparent commission of inquiry into HB1107 “skunk” and other CORRUPT related deals which was promised, then unceremoniously nixed as soon as it was announced, clearly to protect some sacred cows.


As long as protecting a few is more important than protecting the county — Minorities (Spanish, Africans) included — we will not resolve the insecurity and malfeasance problems and other forms of corruption in Prince George’s County.

So, too, with corruption and waste: Nothing hurts this county more. It weakens our security, encourages impunity, increases racism, and deprives us of resources that could lift many out of poverty.

And it makes every public appointment a vicious racial battle ground.

Prince George’s County citizens need corruption and malfeasance to end, but the blatant and insulting return of No- bid contracts, invading of children’s reserve funds in order for the Rushern Baker regime to pay themselves big salaries signals the official rejection of our Constitution.

Never mind the empty statements of regret about how “tough” it was to decide to pay out our taxes to corruption. Regret will only be real if this money is paid back to us by those who facilitated and benefited from the scam and when heads roll.

We have been told lies about this HB1107 “skunk,” which now marks this regime. We know for sure, the rating agency, that our credit rating wouldn’t have been affected for refusing to pay.

And as Moody’s Rating eloquently states, the investors who invest in Bonds — which could have been floated on our own Securities Exchange after mismanagement and declines in tax base or weakening of socio-economic profile.

Similarly, we attack and insult other racial groups, and then complain when these citizens don’t visit. What do we expect? Yes we want and need the Chinese, Indian, Europeans and Brazillian tourists, but why limit ourselves?

Why not aim for five million tourists and also target the Swedes, the Dutch, the British, the Finns and the Norwegians? Won’t we all benefit then?

In fact, it is sycophancy and the “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” doctrine that do the most damage to the Rushern Baker regime, losing it credibility and legitimacy faster than you can say Hallelujah!

For governing, unlike World Cup football, creates winners or losers in all of us, not just the supporters. (Go, Matt Besler and Team USA! Go, Origi and Belgium!).


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